At hearing this Jesus withdrew from there by boat into a lonely place for isolation; but the crowds, getting to hear of it, followed him on foot from the cities.  Matthew 14:13 (Reference Bible)

If you are one of those who comes to religion for more than a refined way of life and you truly seek something bigger than what we see with our eyes and touch with our hands, than you will realize like Jesus did, the necessity of quiet times.

Our modern ways of living in western societies demand much hustle and bustle.  Stress is becoming a more common term and the realization of it in our lives becomes more evident all the time.

Christians too, are caught up in this whirlwind of pressures, each demanding our time and attention.  However, if we are actually concerned enough about the state of our hearts and their relation to God, we will need to find time to be alone with Him.

Jesus knew this more than anyone.  There has never walked another man upon the face of the earth who has walked closer to God than Jesus Christ.  And for the children who have chosen to follow Him, they will happily embrace the habit and imitate their Savior who sought out moments to be alone with the Father.

Perhaps you think that this truth is far too evident to merit mentioning.  The concept is so fundamental and basic that we do not need to look any further.  Maybe we have our times set for devotion and prayer, but are we going far enough?

It would be easy to say that everyone would like to be closer to God.  Almost every person who has ever sought Jesus as their Savior has had notions of drawing their lives into an intense and intimate walk with Him.

But how many of us can say that the Holy Spirit is filling us daily in constant awareness?  How many of us walk and talk with our Savior each minute of the day?  How many miracles did we witness today, and how loudly do Jesus´ words boom in your ears as He speaks directly with You and shows you how He wants you to react in every situation?  How many of us live all our daily life in one constant, unbroken prayer or conversation with Him?

The key to Jesus´ power lie not in the power of His own will nor His heritage of deity.  Everything Jesus said and did was a miracle because it came to us directly from the Father.  Jesus made Himself so intimately close to the Father that He became a reflecting instrument for the love of God towards His creation.

Now to be that close, to reflect that powerfully the will and workings of His Father, Jesus by necessity needed to spend intense and very close moments constantly in the presence of God.

We too, if we would imitate our Lord, need those moments.  The world will do anything to try to assure that we do not have them.  But to get distracted and to let the pressures of life divert our attention away from God, is what limits our walk with Him.

Let us each one pray today for the Holy Spirit to show us how and when the world is creeping in and robbing us of our crucial moments with the Lord.

Please Dear Jesus, help us today overcome our tendencies towards earthly things.  Show us and teach us how to turn away to You.  We who have come this far, would make a greater push still, to have more and more moments to be with You.  We feel the necessity to cultivate our relationship with You.  The closer we become, the more we need You and the more we feel any separation.  Make it the secret bent of our souls today to get away and to share those precious moments with You, whenever and however possible.

In Your name we pray,


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