And after they got up into the boat, the windstorm abated.  Then those in the boat did obeisance to him, saying: ¨You are really God´s Son.¨  Matthew 14:32-33 (Reference Bible)

Have you ever wondered how you would have felt to witness Jesus personally performing some wonderful miracle?  Imagine if it had been you and I in that boat that night on the waters of Galilee.  Normal people were there in the presence of One who was saying and doing things completely outside of human capabilities.

There are so many movies and television shows today that portray human beings as having other powers or of some kind that works outside of the context of what we know of reality.  Most of us are so accustomed to the concept of extraordinary happenings that we fail to give the idea much thought.  However, if there was actually a person living today that really could walk on water or stop the wind, don´t you think this person would make quite a stir?  This person would immediately be broadcast to every corner of the world on every news program or paper.

Even though we have been robbed of this sense of wonder, we may still press forward if we try real hard.  We can attempt to place ourselves in the picture somehow.  To think of how we would have felt to sit there in that boat out there on the waves struggling against the storm. 

All of a sudden we see the figure of a man walking where no man can walk, on the water.

The first sensation that would strike us would be like that reaction of Jesus´ followers.  Panic struck fear in their hearts as for sure it would do to ours.  The apparition hears our cries and reassures us that everything will be fine, that it is Him, our personal Savior and the one we know and love.

Suddenly one recklessly brave brother steps out onto the water to get closer to his Master.  Now we are witnessing with our own eyes, not only our Lord doing the impossible, but we are watching a normal human who is just like you and me, being supported on top of the unknown depths of the sea.  His faith fails him and he nearly drowns by sinking into the deep, rough water, but Jesus catches his hand before he is swept under and saves his life.  As the they step into the boat the wind that has been howling and beating us for hours, suddenly dies and all is calm.

Perhaps we turn to look at each other in astonishment over what we just saw.  But it is difficult for us to take our eyes off of Jesus.  We have been following Him and have been amazed before by all that He does.  But this does not prepare us for it, and we find ourselves completely blown away once more by what we just witnessed.

This is better than the most exciting thriller movie and even harder to swallow than the best special effects from Hollywood.  The images we find through the media are always portrayed as somehow natural, but when we are in the presence of One who really does work in impossible ways, our minds cannot seem to take it all in.

Sometimes we prefer not to think about it too much because we cannot explain it. But there were people in the boat that night.  Perhaps we could learn too, a little of what they felt if we do put ourselves in with them.  Maybe we would marvel along with them and maybe we would exclaim breathlessly that this truly is the Son of God.

Whatever we come away with, let us never be robbed of a sense of wonder after our Savior.  Do not let Hollywood or any other thing under the sun take away that feeling of astonishment and awe.  If we would want to be blessed by His presence, it might be a good quality of ours to cultivate so that the Lord would be pleased to move and work in conscious awareness in our lives.

Dear Jesus, undo us with Your presence we pray,


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