Can We Walk On Water?

In reply Peter said to him: ¨Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you over the waters.¨ He said ¨Come!¨  Matthew 14:28-29 (Reference Bible)

Peter must have been frightened but a spark of hope burned in his heart that this was actually his Master walking out there on the lake.  So he asked that Jesus invite him to come to Him over the water. (verses 25-34)

Jesus was immediately pleased with this daring leap of faith and told Peter to come.

One can imagine what thoughts might have been going through Peter´s mind, but he did actually step out of the boat and start towards his Savior.  Amazingly to us, (naturally for Christ), the waters held him up.  All up until Peter let himself get distracted by the reality of the winds and the waves.  Then he let his attention slip off of Jesus and he started to see his situation.

Here is where we find an important lesson.  We too choose each and every moment where we place our attention.  We are constantly deciding what we are looking at.  Unfortunately for Peter, (and we are no different), when we look at our situation, we take our eyes off of the Lord.  To see the waves or feel the wind there is a subtle change in the direction of our gaze.

In our defense we can use an endless number of excuses.  ¨We are only human, ¨ or perhaps: ¨It could have killed me.¨ But Jesus´ words to Peter when He rescues him from sinking came as a scolding.

¨You with little faith, why did you give way to doubt?¨  (verse 31)

Peter was right.  The water could have swallowed him up and he could have drowned in the stormy sea that night.  Our situations too are very real and quite possibly threatening to our lives.  Maybe we could lose our job or suffer some other terrible illness or loss.  Jesus makes no reference at all to the severity of the situation.  He was concerned about where we are looking.

If we choose to look at the reality of our situation, we are going to desperately need His saving hand.  However, if we were able to somehow keep our gaze upon Him and focus our attention completely upon Him, then faith says those things that are threatening us cannot harm us.

For the one who´s eyes are only filled with Jesus, the reality of all else takes on a different light.  No longer do the wind and the waves follow the law of nature, but they must bow to the Creator and Master of them.  As long as we are concerned with the Lord, then all things are in their proper course and He is able to define the reality of them.

Dear Jesus, we may not have the courage that Peter had when he made his daring request and placed his life in danger to walk out over the sea to be with You.  But You are the giver of all things and if we can muster up the courage we can ask for that kind of faith.  Be pleased Lord to direct our gaze to You alone.  We would like to ignore the wind, the waves, our jobs or whatever other threatening thing we have in our own situations.  We would like to set our hopes, our attention and the entire gaze of soul on You in every moment.  Please become so big in our vision as to block out the sight of all else.  Then, our own realities will be placed correctly in Your hands as well.  Then and only then will we be safe from sinking.  Then we will stand or fall by faith alone.

In your name we pray,



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