The Church Betrayed Jesus

¨Look!  We are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of man will be delivered up to the chief priests and scribes, and they will condemn him to death.¨  Matthew 20:18 (Reference Bible)

We remain with fewer and fewer friends if we are so crass as to point incriminating fingers at our fellow Christians and ourselves.  Nobody in his right mind would write an article where the readers may feel that they are being implied into a crime or guilty of infringement.

However, it may be important to note that Jesus, when He was going to be crucified, let His followers know that the first to reject and condemn Him were to be within the body of believers of God.

Perhaps the most popular way of thought among Christians today, is to each one hold that our own personal or denominational line of belief is the correct one and that all the others are somehow wrong in their interpretations of the scriptures.

We would rather look sideways at each other and point fingers, wasting precious time where we could be looking upwards.  It is so easy to slide into this trap of the deceiver and completely miss the One object or person to whom we would need to be adjusted.

But there are honest souls, who would be willing to stand up to his or her own guilt.  They know we have all fallen short and that our salvation comes through the very One who was killed to pay our pardon.

Therefore, when we consider the people who rejected our Lord and sent Him off to be killed, let us not remove ourselves from the blame.  Rather let us accept the accusation to receive an attitude of repentance.  If we could see ourselves as the ones who sent our Savior off to the unbelievers to be crucified, then maybe we could seek the correct state of heart to come searching Him for mercy.

The proud souls who remain aloof and refuse to accept that they had any part in our Lord´s death, do not humble themselves.  They give Jesus no room for mercy and they rob Him of the glory He should have for paying for your and my sins.  To top it all off they make Jesus to be a liar as He stated plainly that it was necessary for Him to come and to die for each one of us.

Dear Jesus, forgive your people.  We are guilty of trying to hide our guilt not only from others, but from our very selves.  We sent You to the slaughter and it was because of us You had to die.  Now instead of covering our guilt, we lay it before You.  Rather than concealing, we turn to seek Your mercy.  You see clearly into that what we may hide even from ourselves.  Search our hearts and help every last corner to give up its secrets and rest without defense on Your kindness.  Thank You for coming, instructing and then paying the price of being betrayed by the very ones who called themselves the children of God.  Forgive us our treason and give us the correct state of heart to seek Your pardon and Your mercy.  And may it please You to find that there are some still who would seek You in all honest humility.


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