Do You Know What You Are Asking?

Then the mother of the sons of Zebedee approached him with her sons, doing obeisance and asking for something from him.  Matthew 20:20  (Reference Bible)

If we call ourselves Christ-ian, it means that we believe certain things about Christ.  It means that we have decided to give Him the benefit of knowing what He is talking about and that He is what He claims to be.  Those who have not chosen to give Jesus this minimal credit, should not call themselves Christian nor should they toy more with this religion.  They are free to go off and believe whatever under the sun that sits better with them.

But for those of us who would like to believe in Jesus and think that there IS something to be learned from Him, we should try to open our ears and our hearts so that He could guide us.

All opinions set aside, the bottom line is that Jesus was a witness and a voice to the fact that there is a separate reality from our own and that whatever that place is, it does not run as ours does here on earth.

When this worldly mother came to Jesus with her earthly request, Jesus asks her if she know what she is asking?  We too, come to the Lord each day with countless requests.

Jesus´ response came as an effort to help us bridge this gap between these two worlds. He wants us to see that things just don´t work the same in heaven.  Here we each work off of our personal set of values and desires.  There in heaven, all things flow from and bow to the will of God.  Everything works perfectly to honor the Father and please Him.  The same was intended for our creation, but we let sin sneak in and spoil that.

Our Savior came and gave witness to this fact of how things were in heaven.  They called it the ¨Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven.¨  He used all kinds of parables to help us see into the light of how it is there in that wonderful ¨other reality.¨

When the other disciples heard of the bold request of this mother, they got all worked up too.  Jesus called them together and instructed them further.  He told them that the kingdoms of the world may work this way, but it should not be so with us.

Matthew 20:20-28

Christians are called to follow a different set of values to those of this world.  We should not look to the same goals or desires.  We may be humans, but this is no excuse.  We are created beings and owe our every breath to the One who created us.  He called us and loves us.  Our every intention should be in pleasing, serving and honoring Him.

We need to adopt a different way of thinking that corresponds more with how thing work in that heavenly kingdom.  There, the greatest are those who have the least concern for self.  Those who are first are the ones who would place themselves last.  Those who receive more are the ones who are driven secretly on giving more.  The ones who truly have life, are the ones who have chosen not to live for themselves but reject their own lives so as to dedicate their wholes selves to serving their God and caring for the thing He would care about.

Dear Jesus, forgive a selfish and stubborn nation.  You see our tendency to make heaven bow to our lowly values and desires.  Please teach us to turn to God as the true children of that glorious kingdom of Yours.  Let us bow to Your will and seek Your pleasure and glory and not our own.  Help us to throw off these natural tendencies of the world and to set our eyes and our hopes upon You alone.  Where we would go, things do not work as we are familiar with here on our planet.  Send Your Spirit to guide us and educate us in Your ways and may we begin this journey today.

In Your name we pray,


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