Blind Men Shouting

But the crowd sternly told them to keep silent; yet they cried all the louder, saying: ¨Lord, have mercy on us, Son of David!¨  Matthew 20:31

It is a short story of the two blind men found in Matthew 20 verses 29 to 34.  But it is one so fully packed with deep spiritual healing that more emphasis should be placed upon it.

First of all there were two men who could not see.  If we continue to draw a line from the past into our own personal situations, we may see ourselves sitting there along with them.  We raise our voices as we hear of the passing of the only decent hope we have for receiving sight into things we cannot see.  We have been blind to the eternal ways of our Lord and to the things that we should really be seeing, so we cry out to the Son of God for healing.

We have lived painfully aware of the darkness which presses upon us and in our groping we were reduced to sitting in the gutter.  But now we hear of Jesus and He is passing our way.  So we begin to shout.  We cannot quite conceive of truly having our eyes opened but know that He is the only hope available to us.  So we cry for mercy.

There are others though, who would keep our voices down.  Perhaps they are well-intended people keeping the peace and would have us use quieter methods to deal with our handicap.  But we sense the urgency and refuse to let our Savior slip away.  In our blindness how could we ever find him?  So we make ourselves shout even louder!

Jesus stops, as the story tells us.  He calls us and asks us what it is that we want Him to do for us.  What will we say?  Will we ask for a temporary fix?  Will we ask for a better job or for that special something for which we have been saving up?  No, we will ask for our sight.  We will settle for nothing less than to have our eyes opened and see our blessed Savior.  Don´t we want to see the face of the one who can really heal us?

So we make our grand request.  We ask for the one thing that will allow us to move about again so that we can see to follow our Master.

Do you think the Lord will have pity on us?  Don´t you think He will have compassion when He sees in our hearts that we truly do want to see Him?  If the story is to give insight into the great heart of Jesus, then He will be moved by our humble request and He will reach out and touch us!

At the touch of Jesus, our eyes will too be opened and we will see.  Then we can do as those two men, upon receiving our sight we will be able to stand up and follow Him.

Dear Jesus, have pity on us for we have been blind and unable to see You clearly.  Give us strength today, because today you will pass our way.  Let us shrug off those who would keep us quiet and let us shout as we never have before.  This is our moment and we would not lose it.  Hear our cries, and if it is not loud enough or forceful enough, then make allowances so that You do hear us.  Provide that what we lack in sincerity, perseverance, and volume.  Hear our cry, have mercy on us and reach out Your hand.  Touch us in a way that our eyes are opened to see You.  Give us sight into the glorious wonder of You and Your kingdom.  Then let us fall in close behind You to follow You throughout all eternity.


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