Sent By Jesus

¨And if anyone says anything to you, you are to say  ´The Lord needs them, and he will send them at once.´¨  Matthew 21:3 (Byington)

Jesus had sent two of His disciples into the village with a strange request.  He wanted them to walk right into a village and untie someone´s donkeys and bring them to Him.

¨No big deal,¨ you may say.  ¨Those people must have been used to Jesus doing all kinds of marvelous stuff.  By then it should be easy for them to just step out in faith and watch everything turn out in some incredible way that the Lord had prepared to surprise them.  Miracles were happening and it seemed that everything Jesus touched was under His control.  Even the winds and the seas obeyed His voice!

However, if it was you and I who were sent that day to go and steal (borrow) those animals that day, what would we feel?  It is one thing to sit in a comfortable chair and pass judgment on how others should react, but let´s get our fingers dirty by trading places with those guys.

Ok, imagine Jesus asks us to go into town.  He says that you and I will find somebody´s animals tied up in front of a house or a store and that we need to go and untie them and take them away from there.  So we set off.  Perhaps we start talking along the way. What if someone tries to stop us?  What will people think?  How are we going to get away with the tampering of other people´s property?  Will we be able to make ourselves go through with the task we were given if things start to go wrong?

In the case of the two disciples, they did go through with following their Lord´s wishes and they got to witness the triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  They took the risk because Jesus had asked them to.  They stepped out in simple faith and exposed themselves to possible consequences.  They did not have to know what it was all for nor what the Lord was going to do with what He had asked of them.  They just trusted in Him and obeyed, leaving the results up to the Master they knew and loved.

Now back to you and me.  Do we have enough faith in Jesus to go ahead with what He asks of us today?  What is it that He has asked us to do?  Where will we find the strength and faith to carry out His orders for us?

Jesus may not be physically treading some street right now in the villages of Palestine.  But He is alive and He does have things that He would have for us to do.

Dear Jesus, we cannot sit back comfortably any longer.  We would like to place ourselves in the picture of Your workings somehow.  Where do we stand?  Is there something that You would have us do?  Will you give us faith as You did to Your disciples so that we may carry out Your will?  Please fill us with the strength of will to step out on Your words and go about our lives fulfilling Your wishes.  Direct us so completely in gratifying You that we do not concern ourselves with the consequences or what others may say or do.  When it is our turn to obey You today, please do not let us let You down.


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