The Triumphant Entry

Most of the crowd spread their outer garments on the road, while others began cutting down branches from the trees and spreading them on the road.  Matthew 21:8 (Reference Bible)

As Jesus was coming into Jerusalem, the multitude was moved by excitement and jubilee.  Such was their reaction that they began to sing praises, cut branches and line the road with them and their coats.  They prepared a red-carpet for the Lord, so to speak.  Some went before Him while others followed along and all were singing out loudly.  When people asked why they were so worked-up, they told them of Jesus.

Wouldn´t it have been wonderful to have been there in that moment?  Have you ever wondered how you would have felt and what an incredibly special experience it would have been to see our King coming into the City of David?

Well, perhaps we should not dwell too long in the past.  Maybe we shouldn´t even place too much emphasis on some distant day in the future.  Our Savior is returning.  He will ride right into His city, but this time He will be riding the clouds and not a beast of burden.  That former time was exciting it seems, and the coming day will be incomparably more so.  But the question lies not on either of those points in time, but on the present.

Right now all around the earth there are believers who stand out on their faith on the return of Jesus.  Just how are they preparing the way?  What are you and I doing?  Are we removing our own garments to line His path?  Are we running to bring branches from all around so that He will have a nice soft carpet for His feet?  Or are we holding back in reserve and asking questions about what all the fuss is over?

Perhaps now is a good moment for us to examine ourselves.  Are we really excited about the triumphant re-entry?  Are we filling our hearts with shouts and songs of praise?  Are we being moved to bring whatever we have at our disposal to prepare the way for our King?

Now we could try to make the question removed and impersonal.  We could try to shift the weight and place it on other´s shoulders and make the question for others to bear.  We could try to turn the question and ask what the ¨Church¨ is doing to prepare the way.  But remember, what is the church if it is not individuals like you and me?

If we are getting excited and praising the Lord, then others may see it and be affected.  It is the individual who are IN the church who need to start running ahead and behind Jesus.  It is us who should be singing and busying ourselves with the glorious entry.  When others start to see the excitement of His coming overflowing out of you and me, then the Triumphant Entry has begun.

Dear Jesus, we may have missed a special moment of excitement and praise long ago, but with hope in Your grace, we may still be a part of an even grander entry.  Your people will sense this coming and we would be those people.  Give us we pray, an overwhelming attitude of praise and excitement over You today.  Let us each individually begin to lay out for you the path inside of our hearts.  Help us to make Your way ready for You and begin to get excited about our work.  Let us start with our hearts and let our enthusiasm be seen by all those around.  May it be infectious until there is a great multitude shouting and singing out, ¨Glory to God in the Highest, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!¨


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