Deceiving Jesus

Command therefore that the sepulchre be made sure until the third day, lest his disciples come by night, and steal him away, and say unto the people, He is risen from the dead: so the last error shall be worse than the first.  Matthew 27:64 (KJV)

The church leaders and the people knew what Jesus had said.  They remembered His words.  Jesus had made known what must happen and His teachings were clear.  But they still held their hearts far from accepting and understanding.  They were still looking to make Jesus out to be the deceiver.  But who is fooling who?

Now after the fact we can see with more clarity.  The resurrection of Jesus gave testimony to His ministry and marked the entire history of our race.  Those who refused to hold Jesus at His words are proven to only have fooled themselves.

Perhaps much of the same thing happens today.  Little do we know it or see it.  But there are things Jesus says that each of us holds off at arms-length.  There are teachings of Jesus that we fail to hold the correct level of importance because we just can´t get the consent of our own hearts.

Take for instance; ¨Love your neighbor as yourself.¨  How many of us really love all those we encounter during our busy day as much as we love and pamper ourselves?  Surely there is someone who rubbed us the wrong way or someone who asked us for something which we were too busy or didn´t care enough to supply.

Perhaps there are other things like not giving Him credit for being able to work in a certain way.  When in actuality He is able to do anything.  Or maybe we overlook the urgency of the hour and live in the moment, when Jesus asked us to live for Him and His kingdom come.  If you and I are honest enough, perhaps there are a million little ways where we come up short in believing in Him and His words.

Who is fooling who?  It may be time well spent, to drop down and ask the Lord to show us where we might be withholding belief in Him.  Where have we made Him small instead of giving Him glory and lifting Him higher?  How have we deceived ourselves instead of believing that He has the power and that we owe it to Him to believe in all that He has said of Himself and His kingdom?

Dear Jesus, show each of us where we are not giving You the correct level of importance.  Is there a teaching which we have failed to recognize?  Is there something You are saying that we need to give more urgency to?  Please take us by the hand as we bow before You today.  Open our eyes then give us the strength of will to follow Your lead in every way.


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