An Angel Came

And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it.  Matthew 28:2 (KJV)

There seems to be much fear and skepticism these days when talking of Angels.  Even in religious circles many people brush off the subject lightly or speak of it with a chuckle.  In past generations the concept of Angels was a very beautiful and cherished thought.

It is difficult to conceive of this part of our faith being lost or tainted. Throughout the Bible these messengers of God frequent the pages.  Jesus Himself spoke fondly of them as if they needed no other proof of their existence.

If we find it hard to believe in these mysterious beings, then it is nearly impossible for us to say that we believe in God at all.  God the Father has mysterious qualities which we have not even begun to fathom.  Jesus Christ with all that He is and all that He performed falls outside of the restraints of our own physical world that we live in.  To believe in a God should mean that the being to whom we pay tribute, should have qualities and powers which cannot be explained or open to see with the naked eye.  If God is a god, then it seems worthy and uplifting to think that He should be surrounded by and attended to by all sorts of beautiful and marvelous entities.

One reason to love these spiritual creatures is that every time that God moves it seems these messengers are there to rush off and do His bidding.  They are pleased and anxious to carry out each of our Lords wishes.  Another reason is that they get great pleasure from glorifying and praising God.  This they do most surely with greater satisfaction than we do, because they are already permitted into the very presence of God and can see the reaction it has on the One to whom it is offered.

So when we read of that glorious and triumphant morning, when Jesus was raised from the grave, the earth shook and the angel came.  Along with the power and working of the Almighty, there were these blessed messengers of God.  What an excellent picture it gives towards the greatness of God that beings besides human beings, find our God so wonderful that they happily serve Him so perfectly and bring Him so much glory.

Dear Jesus, it inspires us to ponder those other marvelous entities which pay tribute to You.  Your angels are blessed in that they already have full and open access to the Presence which we still seek.  One day we pray, let our voices go up before Your throne along with theirs to bring worship, praise and glory to Your name.  Give your consent and they will gladly come to our assistance in any way You deem right, to help us come to You, be kept safe in You, and be restored again unto You.


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