He Is Risen!

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. Matthew 28:6 (NIV)

He has risen!

Is there another statement that brings more hope and direction to our human race?  Because of this fact, all our history, all our toils and all our sufferings have purpose.  When the angel of the Lord says that Jesus is risen, it means that His saving act came to full completion.  Our ransom has been paid and our Savior has beaten even the grave.  He had to go there, but it could not contain Him.  His connection with God, His one-ness with God makes Him and all that are found in Him above the powers of death.

To seriously ponder the weight of this fact blows our minds.  Surely it is beyond our powers to conceive, all that our Lord laid down for us in His death.  More glorious still is the thought of His authority and might, when He said, ¨OK; I have completed what needed to be done; now I will return from the land of the dead.¨ Oh, if we could only see far enough into the spiritual realm to expand our intelligences so that we could fathom all that this entails!

One day, and this is as sure as the One who promised it, we will see and we will know.  One day when we are renewed, He will enable us to grasp it.  Jesus will take away the veil and show us all and explain to us the how and the why.  We will see clearly those ¨other¨, entities which were witnesses to God´s great plan and be taught from our great Teacher, all that was being rectified by His incredible sacrifice.

It is so easy for us today to say that we get it.  So often we say, ¨yeah, I know Jesus had to come and die for my sins.¨  But little do we truly see and smaller still is the guilt we feel for the part we all pay in our rebellious separation from God.  We each secretly blame Adam and Eve for the fall of mankind.  Today there is little left of the attitude of owning up to our actions.  The common train of thought these days is to defend ourselves and brush of any implications of guilt.

Yet we have been made aware and perhaps in a sincere moment we do come to the Lord seeking His forgiveness and mercy.  It is in moments like these when the Spirit whispers again to our hearts; “He is risen.”  In that statement our atonement is sure.  God lost us at the fall of man, but His plan has triumphed and His work is on course.

Dear Jesus, thank You for Your sacrifice.  Thank You for all that You paid, even the parts we cannot yet understand.  Give us a sense of the weight of significance of that act of love and mercy.  Then let us draw even closer to You as a result, because the grave could not contain You.  You went where we should have gone.  But if we had gone there, we would not have had the power to return.  You did.  Thank You.  Now build us up in hope, dear Lord.  Draw us ever nearer and more fully enveloped in You.  In immersing ourselves in You, may we find our purpose and our hope of one day kneeling at Your feet and being by Your side.


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