On the Way

And as they went to tell his disciples, behold, Jesus met them, saying, All hail. And they came and held him by the feet, and worshipped him. Matthew 28:9 (KJV)

The women were hurrying from the tomb where the angel had told them that Jesus had risen.  They were frightened and glad at the same time.  He had told them to go and tell the other disciples and that is what they were hurrying to do.  Suddenly Jesus appeared to them.

So often we look into our near future, the day or weeks ahead of us, and we focus on what we think is happening or should happen.  We have tried to approach the Lord but have gotten little or no true reassurance or closeness.  Then, in our isolation from Him, we must set off to accomplish what we believe is His will in the matter.  When He has seen that we are proceeding in faith, then He steps into the light of our conscious and we are finally with Him.

It is terrifying to seek and not find those real moments of closeness with Him.  We come to rely on that relationship and bonding.  We need His reassurance that what we are doing and where we are going is truly what He wishes.  Yet sometimes, His presence is held from us and it feels like the very grave has separated us again.  It is in times like these where our faith is being tried.  We could easily go about our own way and tell ourselves that if the Lord wanted us to do something, He would let us know.

However, Jesus has sent His messengers and we have been told what to do.  If we don´t go to our knees and if we don´t seek Him, how can we say that we are following His will?  Only by seeking to be closer to Him are we assured of finding Him.  Most often, doing His will means just this, to seek Him first.  Before we try to figure out what God wants us to do with our lives, a particular situation or whatever, we should seek first those true moments in His presence.

Like we said, the women were on their way.  It was then that the Savior met them, not at the tomb, not when they arrived somewhere.  He does not need to see us arrive somewhere to know where our goals are.  He does need to see that we are set on getting there.  This is not a whimsical wishing, but an actual getting into motion and heading down the path. We are talking about hearing what is asked, and doing everything in our power to accomplish the task.  When He sees that we are truly on our Way, then He is there with us!

So what about those moments when it seems that we are looking for His will and think we are carrying it out?  What do we do when we think we are doing everything He asks but still don´t get this reassurance of His Spirit.  Well, we go back to the basics.  The Way has not changed.  We go to Him first.  Drop again to our knees.  Ask again to be shown if there is still anything left of our former nature which seeks only after itself.  Once those things are securely and effectively placed in His hands in all reality, then we are on our Way.

Dear Jesus, we hear Your messengers saying that You are risen.  We are anxious to see you and at the same time we are scared.  We would like to set off to actually do what Your message says, to seek You first.  Help us along that path.  Some deep burning in our soul needs to know that we are carrying out Your will for us.  Come to us, be with us in real, conscious awareness today we pray.


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