Still Doubt?

Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go.  When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. Matthew  28:16-17 (NIV)

What an exciting time, Jesus had risen from the grave and was going to meet the disciples on the mountain.  Incredible things were happening all around.  It must have been the talk of everyone and nearly all conversation.  As the disciples made their way to the meeting place, surely their hearts burned inside of them.

Then came that wonderful moment when they finally got to see Him.  Here He was their Lord, their Teacher, and their Savior.  They worshiped Him when they saw Him as surely we would do too.

But even amongst these high emotions and all this excitement, some of them doubted Jesus.  Can you believe that?  After all they had seen, heard and experienced, how is it possible that some could still sit back and wonder how far they wanted to take this.

Unfortunately this is the same sad case for us even today.  We have heard Jesus´ words.  Some of us teach them to others.  We have seen miraculous things and even experienced many things already in our walk with the Savior.  Could it be possible that there are areas where we are skeptical?

Jesus preached some pretty powerful concepts.  He taught that our first concern was not with the world or our petty lives here on earth.  He tried over and over to get us to understand that our first concern should be like His was, to look upwards.  He wanted us to get it into our heads that there was another existence and another place which was far more important than ours.  He asked that we make all adjustments necessary, spend whatever time, and go whatever lengths necessary to have personal and direct access to that place.

Our Lord wants us to be with Him, not just in bold statements or figures of speech, but in living experience.  All that Jesus did in coming in person and paying the needed ransom for our souls, He did to bring us all together at the feet of God.  Therefore our reaction to knowing this should stir us to work along with the Spirit.  We should gladly give up any part of our heart that does not belong to Him and come to Him in worship.

But do we do that always?  Do you and I have some doubts about how much we are willing to throw into this deal?  How far are we willing to take this?

Another concept that Jesus urgently taught was that we should be so wrapped up in Him that His nature lives inside of us.  He wanted the Holy Spirit to fill us and unite us with Him and God the Father.  Many are the versions of how people claim this is accomplished.  But the end result is that you and I no longer remain the fallen creatures we were before we placed importance upon our Lord.

From the moment we decided to make Jesus our Way, we chose to leave behind part of ourselves.  We had to let the cross put to death our sinful nature.  That part of ourselves which bowed to our own desires and followed its own paths.  We gave Jesus the honor which is bestowed upon Him who conquered sin and death for us.  Now we made it our goal to start a journey of soul back into the arms of God.

Dear Jesus, please forgive us if we have come to You with some doubts.  So many times we withhold judgment and are not sure we want to give You all that You have asked.  Forgive us and help us lay down those fears.  Show us the wonder and glory that You are, so that it will be easy for us to turn away from any distraction.  Let nothing stand between You and us today.  Fill us with Your very Spirit and make us so full that Your nature flows in us, around and over us then radiates from there unto all the rest of Your creation.


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