All Authority

And Jesus came to them and spake unto them, saying, All authority hath been given unto me in heaven and on earth.  Matthew 28:18 (ASV)

That some people are more intelligent than others is a fact of life.  We have people who go about their day trying not to think about things.  They try to do only what is expected of them and for them that is enough.  Then there are others who have studied and fine-tuned that muscle of a brain until it can solve extremely complex problems and easily recover mountains of information that would fill many books.

The so-called sharper brother may be tempted to look down on his simpler brother and feel a smug sense of superiority.  However, in one thing we are all alike.  None of us can fathom the depth of this other reality where our Lord is made King.  The human eye has not yet been made capable of seeing clearly into this kingdom of God.

Therefore, when we are told that ¨All authority,¨ was given to Jesus Christ, there is no possible way that even the most intelligent of us can say with any certainty that we know all that this entails.  Authority over what or who?  From the least of us to the greatest, we can all lift up that statement and wonder.  Perhaps this is why that message was given in the first place.

There are many pleasing responses.  You could say that Jesus had been given authority over the souls of the human race.  You could say that He had beaten evil and therefore was given power over good and bad.  But the text states, ¨All authority.¨ Even if we are limited by words and definitions, one who is honest would have to admit that we are talking about pretty big stuff, and only one definition simply will not do.

Sometimes we have the tendency to try to remove the sense of wonder from our worship and from our religion.  We forget at times that for a human being to turn to and contemplate spiritual and Godly things is almost completely composed of wonder.  A finite being is looking away at infinite beings, concepts and happenings.  We are like a man who looks up at the Sun.  He knows it is big and hot.  He cannot look directly at it, but he can feel its warmth on his skin.  He has studied about it, but he has never been there.  It is impossible to go there and survive.

When we consider God, it is like the man and the sun, but on a much bigger scale.  Therefore we should always embrace the presence of wonder whenever we approach the Lord.  When the words state; ¨All authority has been given to me,¨ we should admit a sensation of awe and wonder.

Now we could turn to each other and we could enter a great debate over all that this or other texts may mean.  But wouldn´t we be robbing ourselves of a simple and very precious moment with our Lord?  Might we bring more personal contact with our Savior and share with Him a true offering of worship, if we lift up His words and wonder after them?

Here is where we each find our greatest worth.  The simple brother achieves his most special gift to the Lord and steps closer to the Lord for his simple faith and that sense of wonder after His God.  The super-wise brother likewise achieves his highest and most worthy achievement as well, as he looks away and admits that what he is considering is far above his best mental capacities.

Dear Jesus, we come to bow before You today.  One day we pray that our eyes are opened and we will see all the mysterious things of Your kingdom.  Until that day, let us cling to and cherish the sense of wonder we hold as we contemplate You.  Let us lift You up and make You ever greater.  Let our thoughts, our worship and our lives be a reflection of that wonder that we feel as we bask in the light of Your glory and Your authority.


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