The Baptist´s Message

And this was his message: “After me comes the one more powerful than I, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop down and untie.  I baptize you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.” Mark 1:7-8 (NIV)

This was the message used to prepare the Way for the hearts of men.  In this message you can see that John the Baptist was not there to earn a good salary or have a comfortable job.  A message from above had been placed burning within his heart and his only option was to share it with the world.  This man felt the urgent necessity of immersing men and women into a state where they knew they needed to be brought unto God.

To John the Baptist it had been revealed, that there was One coming after Him who would provide the next part of this glorious process.  He knew that his best efforts and greatest success could not possibly compare to what his successor would bring.  The greater messenger, whom he worked to prepare the way for, was infinitely closer to the Almighty and deserving of immeasurably greater honor.

Jesus was coming, so John labored from a secret bent of soul to accomplish what was revealed unto him.  He did not fit into society because his message did not direct men unto society, but rather unto Something and Someone above and Beyond it.  His urgent message and work was for the hearts of men and women.  He was not driven like we are towards earthly goals, but towards eternally valuable ones.

The washing that John could provide was physical and external, regardless of the symbolism.  But the washing that would soon come would be by One of authority.  Jesus would bring with Him an immersion into the very Spirit of God.  The Holy Spirit is a gift that comes from God and not from man.  One must come to the Lord to find it.  People must first seek their Maker and Redeemer to receive the cleansing power of the Spirit.

If you and I today are interested in being baptized by the Spirit of God, we need to understand the importance of it as John pointed out.  We must realize the difference of worth and have a sense of the indescribable worth of our Lord.  We should also realize that we are in need of this Spirit which can only be given by our Savior.  Should God see that we are sincere enough to seek Him and this baptism, then and only then, can it be given.

John did come and he did give his message and paved the Way for our Savior.  Jesus, the One so infinitely greater, came too.  The Messiah came, gave us His instructions, paid our ransom and returned to the Father´s side.  Right now He is there interceding for us and offering you and I the greatest blessing of this immersion into the Spirit of God.

Please dear Jesus, see us and hear us today.  We have heard Your messengers and heard Your message.  Now we are left with the understanding of our need for You.  Before, we wandered each one seeking their own interests, but now we come seeking You.  We feel our need to be filled with Your Spirit.  Please renew our hearts in preparation to receive this blessed Holy Spirit.  Let us rest not until Your work in us is accomplished and we are filled.  Then our every breath will be for You, with You and in You.  Our lives will become meaningful and directed as we are baptized and immersed in Your Spirit today and for all time.  We ask for this Spirit as it is the only thing that can show us the Father and the Son, and we long to be with You!


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