Angels Cared for Him

And he was in the wilderness forty days being tempted of Satan; And he was with the wild beasts; And the angels ministered unto him.  Mark 1:13 (ASV)

Have you ever seen an angel of God?  If you haven´t, do you believe that you could see one if you were in the right place at the right time?  Do you have a secret desire to be permitted to have an encounter with one of these mysterious beings?  Is there a part of your heart that longs to hear their voices rise in songs of praise to the Almighty?

If you are one of those people who turn to look heavenward, then you have probably answered these questions to yourself.  It is completely natural for a believer in God to embrace the thought of these Holy Messengers of the Lord.  Before the human, they were the beings who like us, were designed for and given the capacity to praise God.

Therefore when we consider these amazing creatures we can sense a strong affinity towards them in the respect that we share the same goal and purpose within our existence.  Perhaps one of the highest points we could each share would be to lift our voices and our hearts all together along with the angels and harmonize along with them, our praise and adoration to the Most High.

There are plenty of references within the Holy Scriptures to provide any seeker after the Lord sufficient cause to cherish the belief in these dedicated servants of the Lord.  Jesus refers to them often and in our text today they are said to have ministered to Him in the desert.

What the Bible does not teach is that we need to worship them, nor teach us to be preoccupied with seeking an encounter with them.   Although our hearts would be greatly warmed by harder proof of their presence, their duty and ours is to seek first and foremost the will of the Father.  Instead of being sought as objects for our attention, they should be felt as sharers of purpose, or brethren, who like us, drive ourselves ever further and higher in our adoration of the worthy Creator.

Beautiful and sweet is the thought of the angels coming to the Lord Jesus in his time of trial in the wilderness.  To a heart bent on seeking to lift up our Savior, one might like to imagine that we too, if we had been there, could have served our Master and been there for Him as the angels were.

Dear Jesus, master of our souls, we come to bow before You.  Look deep within our hearts and remove anything that would inhibit us from running to care for You or do Your bidding today.  Fill us with a nature more resembling that which You have given those special workers the angels.  We would like to be filled like them, with a desire after You alone.  Our highest goal and single thought could be to draw near and to serve You.  One day soon we pray to see the heavens part and our King coming on the clouds of glory.  On that day, may we be blessed by hearing our own voices mingle with those of your hosts of angels in singing our praise to You.  Hasten that glorious day!


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