The Wilderness of Temptation

And he was in the wilderness forty days being tempted of Satan; And he was with the wild beasts; And the angels ministered unto him.  Mark 1:13 (ASV)

There He was, Jesus was led into the wilderness by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  He was sent away from the comfort and assistance of friends or loved ones.  Out there in the wild places and amongst the animals He had to go.  And the Devil used this time to work his devious tricks.  All who are honest enough can recognize how inopportune and relentless the deceiver wages war upon ones soul.  Here was Jesus, being subjected to his persistent attacks during those forty days when the Spirit led Him out into the wild.

Perhaps we could call it unjust that our Savior needed to suffer such isolation and time of trial.  In our human logic, we may stoop to thinking that it was unfair that the Spirit of God should drive a man out of his comfort zone and subject him to temptation.  There are many accusations we could throw at God, but to do so would be giving in to carnal thinking.

If we have chosen to believe in a Righteous and Almighty God, then our mission should lie in lifting Him ever higher.  In comparison we would always keep in mind the difference in nature from a lofty Creator to our low and fallen one.  God knows what He is doing.  He can see the benefit to a soul even if it means allowing that soul to cross very dark valleys.  God´s intentions are more far-reaching than any temporary trials no matter what terrible things we should suffer.  What is important to remember and to keep ever-present is that when our hearts are with Him, then anything that the Spirit may lead us through is still in the will of God.

Hindsight may be 20/20 but God´s sight sees beforehand what good even the worst trial may bring.  A soul committed and tuned to Him may walk with confidence that His Lord is in perfect control even though the outward signs that we see around us may paint a different picture.  Trying times and painful experiences can and do serve their eternal purposes in working for the Lord their purifying and refining fire.  The journey we are all on is not merely a physical one through this life, but a spiritual one which could have no end for those who choose to go along with that Spirit wherever It may lead.

Dear Jesus, help us not to waste precious time in questioning the things the Spirit may lead us through.  Show us how to follow Your lead even though we may be led into all kinds of wild places and through the worst of trials.  Even when we are separated from our comfort zones, please direct our attention to that ever-present Spirit which has brought us there and who will be the One who helps us through.  Give us the strength and courage to remain faithful and keep our eyes upon You no matter what wilderness we must go into and regardless of the time we spend there.  Let those trying times work their good and strengthen our relationship with You in every way.


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