Not the Other Way Around

And he said unto them, The Sabbath was made for man, and not the man for the Sabbath:  Mark 2:27 (KJV)

Most everybody has been instructed extensively on what we should do and how we should do it.  Whether we come from one country or the other, one culture or the next and even one religion or the other, there are sets of rules and the lines are clearly drawn.  There are discrepancies between the finer points depending on a million of factors, but the bottom line is we know between right and wrong whether we choose to obey it or not.

The Jews of Jesus´ day had the Scriptures, they had their teachers and they had their system extremely well defined.  Then along came Jesus.  Everywhere He stepped it seemed that He was crossing some line somewhere.  There were those who saw Him as a renegade and standing out blatantly against their God.  But Jesus patiently tried to help them see that they were missing the point altogether.

Jesus never taught anyone to step out and disobey the rules, or to upset the authorities or put any other person´s faith in jeopardy.  His teachings transcended this low and earthly custom of making all things adjust themselves to us.  No, Jesus wouldn´t stoop to that.  He wanted to show us that all things in heaven and on our earth should bow to the Father above.  All rules, all actions, all intentions, everything under the sun should be there to bring glory, honor and pleasure to God.

Rules and guidelines are very beneficial and are necessary to hold our universe together and keep us from floating off track.  But the problem with them is that it is easy for our fallen nature to grab onto them and lose track of the One who originally designed them to aid us.  We love to get all wrapped up in the making of rules, following of rules and the contrary effects of not fulfilling those rules.  Rules, rules, rules; we love them.  Whether for good or bad, we can spend our lives focusing our attention here and there, and we do.

However, over and against this there is God.  He is here.  He is our reason for being here, our destiny and should be our delight.  It is not the other way around.  The Devil, our fallen nature and a million little setbacks would stand in our way to hide this from our awareness.  But God is first, foremost and should be the focus of everything.  Try as we might, we can never change the fact that He is the One, not us.  We are here for Him, not Him here for us.  He is here for us in a million ways but we are not the center of attention.  It´s not about us, It´s about Him!

Dear Jesus, please help us to keep very present the fact that we are not the center of attention.  Help us to make You the focus always.  Show us how to adjust everything in the world and the heavenly kingdom above, to You.  Teach us how to make all things bow to You.  To bring You glory.  Do not let us ever get sidetracked into thinking that the rules are bigger that You.  Show us how to keep every rule we can as a blessed offering of love and dedication to You, not because the rule has any worth, but to share something more with You.  Let everything we think, do and say serve to make us closer to You and lift You ever higher.  Never let us turn things around and put the attention on either the rule or us.  Thank You for any help You can send.


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