Watching What Jesus is Gonna Do

So they were watching him closely to see whether he would cure the man on the Sabbath, in order that they might accuse him.  Mark 3:2 (Reference Bible)

by George Wonenberg

It sounds strange to say it, but not everyone who has their eyes on Jesus is looking with good intentions.  Those observing Him that day to see if He would cure the man with the shriveled hand, were not looking to be amazed.  They were hoping Jesus would do some miracle, but not so that they could rejoice in God above, but for darker more personal purposes.

Now this is tragic and a sad loss to those lost souls who refused to let the miracle of our Savior  touch them in a special way which would lead to eternal spiritual health.  However, even more tragic is the thought that we too today may fall into a similar trap.

How many of us come to the Lord holding tightly to our hearts.  We come because we sense that He can do mighty things. Yet are we opening ourselves to Him in a way that would give Him free reign to change our very lives?  Perhaps we are willing to give Him that much leeway, but only when we are sure that we are happy about those changes that He purposes to make.  In doing this, aren´t we putting ourselves in the same boat with the religious leaders of Jesus´ day?

Oh why is it so difficult for us to understand that caution when we are talking about looking to Jesus is really unbelief in disguise?  Coming to our Savior for any motive other than following Him fully and placing all our own things aside to do it, is really an affront to Him.  How can we ask Jesus for a miracle, but that miracle that we seek is secretly only to benefit some hidden selfish purpose of ours?

We can step back in our defense and say no, our intentions are pure, but are we being honest?  It is time we laid our souls bare to Jesus.  It is time we all looked to Him for what He wants to do and not for what we want Him to do for us.  When we bow to His will and look towards Him to learn what He is really up to, then we will stand in a place to receive a special blessing of faith.  Anything less will be placing ourselves in the shoes of those who looked on for other motives.

Dear Jesus, we would like to sit in the first row to see if you will heal.  But we are asking that You search our hearts to assure that we are not coming to You for any of the wrong reasons.  We want to be amazed, astonished and awed at the sight of the work of Your hands.  However we sense that if our hearts are not fully bowed unto You, then Your miracles may be wasted on us.  Please activate a cleansing of our hearts so that we may observe and receive You in the way that You would like to be received.  Let it be unconditional regardless of any loss or change it may mean to our earthly existence.  You are looking for those who believe in You so fully that we bring no other motives than to see what You would have us to see.  Be pleased to pour out Your blessings of Spirit upon our shriveled hands and shriveled hearts today.


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