Upon Seeing Jesus

But on catching sight of Jesus from a distance, he ran and bowed down to him.  Mark 5:6 (NWT)

What a frightening thought it is, that a raving mad man was so driven by evil spirits that he lived out in the cemetery howling out in the night.  Nobody could subdue this stricken man until Jesus arrived on the scene.  It was no accident that Jesus landed in the place where this man haunted and terrorized the neighborhood. We were about to get to see in through a window into how things work in the spiritual realm which is inhabited by God, the angels, spiritual beings and also the demons.

We speculate on how we imagine things are in that world which falls outside of our powers of detection and definition.  But Jesus came instructing and showing a little of the how, and why of that mystic wonderland. We are more familiar with and perhaps have studied up on the head and originator of all, God the Creator.  But the way things run there where He lives and rules supreme is dished out to us in bite-sized bits to help us swallow and hopefully digest some of the significance it holds for us.

But on that day when Jesus landed close to where the out-of-control madman lived among the tombs, we see clearly who Jesus really was.  At once, a man who could not be tamed or bound came running to throw himself at the feet of Jesus.  Such is the authority and power Jesus holds as the Son of God, that lower beings recognize it immediately and have to drop down in reverence.  Here a brutal man, who could easily overpower you or me and break chains that would bind him, had no power over the Lamb of God.  His only reaction was one of submission.  His only plea was not to be punished.

We make much of the mercy and sacrifice Jesus made in dying for our sins, but how often do we let the weight of His high authority and position sink beneath our skin and touch our souls?  If we could pause for a moment and let the significance of the Son´s standing with the Father reach us deep inside, perhaps the thrill of our tie to Him may bring motivation which we lack.  Today in our cold, if not animated way of worshipping, we may easily miss a vital, healthy respect of the authority and standing of the King of Kings.  And fear, is the beginning of knowledge.

Dear Jesus, thank You for giving us once again a glimpse into the workings of Your heavenly kingdom.  Thank You for accepting the challenge, crossing all boundaries and stepping off the highest throne to come down among Your created beings.  Thank You for subjecting Yourself to things which normally couldn´t touch You, to suffer and to die in the hope of rescuing Your lost sheep.  The sacrifice would not be lost upon us, but please place a burden upon our hearts and let us realize the significance of Your power and authority.  If we could fathom even a little of what respect is due unto You and what respect is given You in Your kingdom, it might help us direct our lives, our worship and our hearts to fall into the same kind of reaction that demon-possessed man had on the shore of Galilee. Could we humble ourselves and bow in great enough reverence to You our Lord, blissful healing could be granted unto us as well.


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