Waiting Jesus´ Permission

And they appealed to him with the request “Send us among the hogs, so that we may go into them.”  Mark 5:12 (Byington)

Jesus was speaking with the evil spirits who had possessed this man.  They had already shared with our Savior that there were many of them who had taken up residence in this poor soul and had tormented him and driven him into doing all sorts of terrible things.  But here in the presence of Jesus, they had no authority.  They pleaded the Son of God not to send them from the region.  They knew better than we do, that when we lower beings are in the presence of the Divine, we can only do what is permitted for us to do.

In this new age today things are not as they were a short generation ago.  Children do not hold the same level of respect for their parents or elders as they did only decades before.  A child used to know without question, that they had to do what was expected of them by any parent or guardian.  We might be in danger of losing a very important truth in the family of God.

Some place Jesus upon an equal level of authority as His Father, others choose to see Him as The Child and therefore slightly lower down on the scale of authority.  But Jesus is still the Christ and still is Divine.  He is made up of stuff that is infinitely superior to humans who find their worth not in themselves but because God has chosen to love us in a special way.  So we will not be the final judges and our opinions will not affect how things run are in heavenly terms.  Our position can only be in respect to our level of authority.

We would do well to take note as we read of stories such as this, of how things really work in the great kingdom of God.  The mystic wonderland where God reigns supreme is worthy of our inquiries and curiosity.  But we are mere students while we live in our temporary kingdom here, so let´s seek an attitude which permits us to learn.

Then when we see spirits, which can see into the realm of our Father, bowing down and awaiting the permission of Jesus, we can take note.  We can see that the Son does have authority on earth and in realms where we cannot yet see clearly.  We should lift up our understandings unto One who can instruct us and purify us.

Perhaps our faith will take on a whole new level of importance and urgency as we begin to learn of the high standing and unfathomable power and glory which pertains to our Savior.  It just may serve to draw us closer to the heart of the One who loves us and sent His Son to us.  It may lift up our spirits to see that our tender-hearted companion, the One who had compassion on us and was willing to die for us, is actually the King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords.  Unto Him is given all power on earth and in heaven. Praise His holy name!

Dear Jesus, we too would like to bow before You today.  We have come to love You as a special friend.  We take comfort in Your presence and we depend upon our closeness with You.  But please never let us forget that we cannot possibly fathom the importance and the authority You hold.  Increase our understandings as You see us fit to receive You. And allow us the great honor of lifting You higher and bowing more completely to You. As the demons of that day awaited Your permission, let us anxiously wait to hear what You will have of us and where You will send us today.


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