Dead or Asleep?

And he went in and said to them “Why are you raising a commotion and weeping? The child is not dead but asleep.”  Mark 5:39 (Byington)

There may be some who claim to be experts on the state of the dead.  However, since they have not stepped across that frontier and explored that wonderland and returned to share what they experienced first-hand, their discoveries may still fall short of what is really happening.  Imagine a person giving a presentation on what it is like in a foreign land, but has never stepped foot there.  Their representation however enlightening cannot be entirely complete.

Yet there is One person who did have authority to speak on these subjects.  The Son of God could talk of what He knew and His knowledge wasn´t brainy material learned from books.  Jesus shared with us the fact that He was able to view the things of His Father and His Father´s world.  Mysteries which to us are wrapped up in the wisps of hazy verbal jargon or subject to opinion, were to Him familiar facets of the land from which He had been sent.

To have a strong and healthy faith, we do not need to see clearly into the mysteries of life, death or the purposes thereof.  In fact, the simpler and more completely we lift these and any other question up to the Lord, the greater our faith is and more reliant we are upon the Holy Spirit.  It is His job to assist our searching hearts to find our Way to the Father and the Son.

Therefore when we are crying and raising a commotion down here over pain, suffering and of death, Jesus´ words come to us once again.  “What is all this fuss?”  Don´t we see that everything lies with Him?  Life, in whatever form comes to us, is given to us by the Creator.  It is a gift.  The power and permission to have life exists because God has granted it and sustains it.  He controls the degree and the consistency.  This is why we seek to know Him and His ways.  The more fully we learn of Him and learn to please Him, the more we can return that love He has bestowed upon us.

So instead of focusing upon our favored interpretations on any given situation, let us look past and seek Him.  Rather than crying or scoffing at the reactions or remarks of others, let us edge a little closer to the Real Expert.  We have made bold statements that He will be our salvation, so let us learn to wrap ourselves in Him.  Let us learn to lean on His knowledge and understanding on every situation instead of our own, no matter how well-studied.

Dear Jesus, we would draw closer to You.  We need You.  We need the Light, we need the Word and we need to hear from One who has first-hand experience.  Are we dead or asleep?  Are we crying about what we see one way, or are we making a judgment upon our own experience or learning?  Show us further, our need for a Guide into Your Ways and Your kingdom.  We would hear from One who has walked there and knows the sights, the smell, the true beauty and the feeling for the land.  Teach us what all that we can receive of the way things really are in Your shinning kingdom.  Increase our faith in You and our dependence in all things we pray.


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