Don´t Look There, Look Here!

While Jesus was still speaking, some people came from the house of Jairus, the synagogue leader. “Your daughter is dead,” they said. “Why bother the teacher anymore?”  Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” Mark 5:35-36 (NIV)

We live in a created environment with set rules which govern it and keep it running.  We count on things like gravity, the rotation of the earth, the freezing or melting points of certain substances and countless other facts that hold our habitat together and keep us from total chaos.  These rules are solid and all of us learn to depend upon these laws.

However, the Christian believes that there is something greater even than what we can see of this known universe where we live.  We lift our unseeing eyes past all the unimaginable size and distances to a higher power and greater intelligence.  At least this is what we claim.  The Bible instructs us that this Entity we call God, deliberately set us here and made the perfect conditions to sustain life and permit us to have this experience we call life.

We may not completely understand all the many facets to our existence and the mysterious forces and intelligence which put us and keep us here.  But we can give the thanks to our Lord and give Him credit for the grace and kindness shown to us.  Those who exercise faith to the point where they admit that God has authority beyond the rules and laws we count on, give God the honor of being a superior Being.  They lift up what they do not see or do not understand.  They count on the fact that a being which was able to do what He claims to have done, certainly controls those laws and can make allowances wherever He sees fit.

Therefore when people came to our Savior saying that there was no need to trouble the Teacher any further, they were correctly adjusting themselves to their environment and the rules which govern it.  But what they failed to realize, and we generally do too, is that there was One there with them Who was from above all this.  For Jesus, the natural rules just don´t apply.

Jesus goes on to try to help us all see that even though we see things out of the experience we have had with our environment, there are still greater things at work all around.  We often fail to see that God´s hand is still in His creation and He has not left His post as sustainer of all things.  It is completely within the capability of our Lord to remove or alter any of the rules He has set on our environment at will.  If God says that the law of gravity may be bended to allow a man to walk on water, then there is no force in nature that can impede Him.

We need not understand the whole concept much to receive immense benefit to our soul.  We can look past the rules and set our faith on One far greater.  The lesson Jesus gave through the story of Jarius is just as vital to us as it was to him.  Don´t listen to the world and don´t look there.  Look up in faith and you will see incredible things.

Dear Lord, our imaginations fail us.  Our eyes and our understanding consistently see the environment You have placed us in and the laws which keep it in motion.  Yet we have heard of something greater.  We have come to awareness of the One who set those rules and controls their outcome.  We would like our hearts to soar above the heavens to the very bosom of God, Who will show us things that will amaze us and make us shout His praises.  Let us set our eyes on You and overlook the rest.  Let us not be afraid, but have faith!


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