What God Joins

´And the two will become one flesh.´ So they are no longer two, but one.  Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”  Mark 10:8-9 (NIV)

Have we got questions over our relationships?  Would we like to hear the Lord instruct us further into our dealings with those close to us?  Can we be like the Disciples and find a moment to get close to Him and hear what He would teach us?

The Pharisees brought the question to Jesus.  They wanted to hear what His take on divorce was.  Jesus gently tries to bring them round to the conclusion that God is bigger than our traditions.  He is bigger than our rules.  He is bigger and more important than just finding a simple routine to follow.  He wants us to know that God is alive.  God continues to be present.  He is here.  He is at work all around us.  He has called us into a living relationship with Him.  We are to be engaged with Him intimately.  There is nothing cold, distant or mechanical about it.  It needs to be real.  It needs to be felt.  It needs to be worked out between us with much love and communication.

The Disciples took the case further.  They did not stop with just a convincing conveyance of words.  They wanted to know where Jesus was going with the subject.  What are our obligations to the relationships which the Lord has given to each of us on earth?  How far can we go along with the traditions of other men?  How does God feel about our ties with our spouses?  Can we press close along with them?  Can we reap a harvest of instruction for our hearts too?  Can we learn with the Disciples where God´s heart is on our dealings within the home?

First we should see that we were brought into existence by the will of God.  Did He put us here for a purpose?  What is that purpose?  Is it to pursue all that our heart may go out to in this world?  Are we to give in to all the passions of our times?  Should we chase our own pleasure over the comfort and feelings of those around us?  Do we think that God should be the first and deepest desire of our heart?  Should we be looking to Him before any other consideration which might tempt or distract us?

The next thing we might consider is where do the things we have come from?  Do we attain all our possessions because of our ability, intelligence and desire?  Or are things conceded to us out of the grace and love of a benevolent God?  Do we have what we have because it pleased Him to allow us to have it?  Is God forever bringing blessings into our lives?  Are our relationships to be included in these blessings which God showers upon us in countless ways each day?

Jesus spoke to His Disciples explaining that even their relationships were given to them by the God who loves us.  Our affections should go out to Him for the wonderful things He brings.  Should we let our hearts return the love He has first shown us?  Could we make an attempt to show our gratitude to Him?  What if we spent more time considering the depth of His love?  Could we be so enveloped in His love that it would spread to those close to us?  Would our spouses benefit from that love?  Do we think we would have less problems in our personal lives if we were more tuned to Him?  Would we be more united in every way with those dear to us if we were all concentrating on our blessed Lord?

 Dear Jesus, thank You for all the blessing that are given us.  Help us to return that love.  Let us be so filled with Your love that it overflows to all those around, especially our spouses and family.  Let us be truly grateful that You are at work in our lives.  Let us show our appreciation for what You have joined by coming together in our Love for You. 


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