Such As These

When Jesus saw this, he was indignant.  He said to them, “Let children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.´  Mark 10:14 (NIV)

Do we want the kingdom of heaven?  Is that something we actually seek?  Or is it like some ideal that we hold or something to wish for?  Could we place it in a category with things that would make us very happy but don´t really see happening anytime soon?  Just how far do we take ourselves along the road that leads to that kingdom?  Is it something very serious for us?  Do we spend much time or effort to assure ourselves of where we stand and what we are doing to attain it?

Jesus was teaching.  Children were coming unto Him.  They sought what He had.  They wanted His blessing.  They wanted hope in what He was offering them.  They wanted part in Him and His kingdom.  They were not bolstered on their knowledge of the Scriptures.  They were not sure of their righteousness or self-worth.  They just saw Jesus, recognized that the kingdom He spoke of was one they wanted to share in.  They simply wanted to be with Him in His Father´s kingdom.

Are there people who would make religion so much more?  Are there those who like the Disciples would slow people down who come unto the Lord?  Is it possible that we misunderstand sometimes the heart of our Savior and stand in the way of childlike souls who seek to be close to Jesus?  Do we steer them to doctrines?  Do we push them into rituals?  Would we unintentionally spoil their humble attempt to participate with and experience Christ?

Our Savior brings us back on track.  He encourages us to assist the child-hearted as they try to approach Him.  He wants us to know that they have the kind of heart He is looking for.  Are we serious enough to put ourselves to the question? Do we need their kind of simple faith?  Should we all be like them in this respect?  Do we need to carry a separate agenda?  Do we need more that Jesus?  Do we need to haggle over frivolous issues?  Or do we need to be closer to Him?  Do we need to live a perfect life and follow all the rules, rituals and theories of our religion?  Or do we need to come unto Jesus seeking His touch and His kingdom?

Jesus knows what we need and He will surely supply it.  He will teach and He will lead.  Should we remove Jesus, the rightful heir of the throne of glory and turn to our ways?  Or should we examine ourselves today?  Are we making the kingdom of God an important issue for us today?  Are we taking the steps we should be come unto Jesus?  Are our efforts bringing us into His very presence?  Can we feel His touch?  Do we hear His sweet words?  Is our relationship with our Savior real enough and strong enough to take us into His kingdom?

Dear Jesus, please shine Your light on the true condition of our hearts today.  We would like to be sure.  We would examine our hearts while there is still time.  Do we truly seek to be with You?  Are we making every honest effort to come unto You?  Is Your kingdom merely a wish for us?  Or is it a necessity?  Is it what we set our entire being to slave towards, to burn for and to move us in all we do?  Show us where we fall short.  Help us see so we may correct the direction of our souls.  We would not like to find ourselves outside of Your presence one day.  We would not like to be guilty of preventing any pure young souls from coming unto You.  Rather, show us how to be SUCH AS THESE!


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