The Son To Be Handed Over

“We are going up to Jerusalem,” he said, “and the Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief priests and teachers of the law.  They will condemn him to death and will hand him over to the Gentiles,´  Mark 10:33

They were headed up to Jerusalem.  Everyone knew that there was opposition to Jesus.  They did not know what would happen.  Jesus takes them aside and tells them what to expect.  He says that the Son will be betrayed.  He will be condemned.  He will be insulted and beaten.  In the end He will have to die.  The Disciples could not believe their ears.  How could this be?  Surely He is speaking figuratively as is His custom.  But did they catch the depths of those words?

Many times we cannot see the purpose of the bad things that befall us.  We struggle with our problems as nuisances.  We think they could have or should have been avoided.  We just have no way of comparing the situation to see what good can come from this temporary strife.  Yet God in heaven has got a plan.  He is working it out.  His attention and care are present in even the worst of situations.  The Disciples did not want to hear that Jesus had to die.  But God was working on a level far higher than their loss.  God was paying for our sins by making an unfathomable sacrifice.  He had to hand over His Own Son to be killed by the very people He was intending to save.

God does see and God does know the weight of our sin.  He created us for Him.  He knows the true worth of all things as it was His interest and His care to bring them into being.  It was at His command that we and all other things came into existence.  Only He can truly know whether something is worth it or not.  God had to hand His own Child over and ask His Son to be beaten, insulted and killed.  This is an unfathomable sacrifice and loss.  But God knew that only this payment would work.  Only the death of His Son could pay for the treason of the entire human race.

We may not see or be able to weigh the seriousness of our sins.  We might not see what an insult it is to bow to our own wills instead of the will of the One who made us.  We might not fathom what treason it is for us to refuse to give Him all that we owe Him.  How can we know the purpose He has for us while we continue each on our own paths?  God knows and Jesus knows.  He tells us that it must be so.  We see the bad.  We see the frightfulness and the ugliness of our situation.  We cannot see the reasons behind them.  We cannot see what eternal good this current strife must work.

Should we focus on how bad the scene is that we face?   Should we spend our time dwelling on the seriousness of the affliction we must suffer?  Or should we raise the eyes of our soul higher and place our trust on the One who can see?  Should we place our hope and trust on the One with a plan?  Should we step out in faith?  Shall we seek closeness with the One who weighs everything perfectly so that none of His lambs may be lost?

Dear Jesus, so many times we cannot see where You are leading us.  We see ourselves heading for hard times and suffering.  We cannot see why we should be afflicted so.  Please aid us in lifting our eyes above.  Let us set our vision on You.  Let us look away to You.  Help us to be strong in our faith that You have it all under control.  Reassure us that You are working out God´s great plan to restore us to Him.  Then come what may, You can sustain us as we lean on that mighty hand that guides us forward in following You.  Give us strength that will bring us safely through even the grave!


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