To Be Handed Over Part II

“We are going up to Jerusalem,” he said, “and the Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief priests and teachers of the law.  They will condemn him to death and will hand him over to the Gentiles, who will mock him and spit on him, flog him and kill him.  Three days later he will rise.”  Mark 10:33-34

Could we try something crazy?  Shall we step out of line and look at things in a completely different light?  It might not be easy.  It might not be the acceptable norm.  But perhaps we may see our situation differently if we are brave enough to try.  We may find a way to look at our own faith if we stretch the rules just a little.  Shall we at least try?  Shall we attempt to draw some new light into where we are with our faith?  What if we take Jesus´ word out of the past?  What if we read this text and say that the words pertain to today.  What if we listened to Jesus as if He was trying to explain something that was to happen within the next few hours or few days?  What if we said that He was speaking of an upcoming event that we would for sure see with our own eyes?

Would we react as the Disciples did when Jesus says these words?  Would we refuse to believe that something so tragic could or should ever happen?  How can we stand the thought of our Savior being betrayed?  Who could support thinking that our precious Jesus will be laughed at?  How can He say that even religious leaders would not treat Him as they should?  Does that mean that some preachers of our day are not lifting Him up as high as they could do?  Would that mean that some may be failing to bring us urgently enough to Jesus to be saved?

Can we take our scenario a little further and say that Jesus is warning us that His name is going to be slandered.  Men will scoff at Him?  Do we think that others will strike at our precious Lord and hit Him with painful blows?   Does this mean that Jesus may still be put to death for many people in so many ways?  How could that be?  Can we accept the thought of needy souls who will lose their chance to be with the only hope we have of returning to our Father in Heaven?

We may be going a little far by trying to place Jesus into our story today.  We might lose some friends if we are crazy enough to try.  We might even irritate those around us if we press the thought a little too hard.  But is there some healing that we may reap from bringing Jesus to us today?  Can it benefit us in some way to listen to Jesus as if He is speaking directly to us?  Would it hurt to let His warnings and His instructions throw us further upon Him?  Is it a bad thing to need Him and want Him this much?  Do we need worry about what others think if they are not willing to make Jesus vital enough to place Him in the here and now?

And the best part of all is that we can start looking forward to…..  “HE WILL RISE!”

Dear Jesus, forgive us for our wild thoughts.  Forgive us too for ever leaving You in the past.  Please show us how to make You vital to us today.  Teach us to need You and Your words speaking to us in EVERY moment.  Give us the strength of faith to follow hard after You even in the face of all we may still have to suffer.  Let us be the Disciples and followers of You even in our current age and the one to come.  Lead on dear Lord, lead on!


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