What We Want

“What do you want me to do for you?”  Jesus asked him.  The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.”  Mark 10:51 (NIV)

How many times have we heard Jesus ask this question?  He had just asked James and John the same question.  Now He is asking it again?  Is it coincidence?  Is He asking us?  Should we be examining our own priorities?  Should we be taking a look at our intentions with Him?  How much time have we spent pondering the issue for ourselves lately?  Are we pushing the thought to the back of our minds?  Would we prefer not to look too deep into the reasons we are approaching our Savior?

Jesus was passing nearby where this blind man was sitting.  When he heard Jesus was there, he started to get excited.  He let his cries to the Lord be heard.  He shouted as loud as he could.  He called to the Son of David to have mercy on him.  He asked for compassion.  He believed Jesus could help him.  He wanted to get that close to the Lord.  Nobody could keep the man quiet.  He needed to be heard by his Savior.

Are we comparing the man´s actions to our own?  Have we looked to see a difference in attitude from what we display?  How badly do we need Jesus?  How desperate are we to know that our Savior hears us?  What are we doing to bring ourselves into His presence today?  Those who would keep us quiet, are they succeeding?  Are we letting the moment slip by us?  Do we know why we need Jesus?  Do we even know THAT we need Him?

There are some who are seeking our Lord that much.  There are those who would make it that urgent that they get into His presence.  There are some do who know they really need Him.  And they will be heard.  Jesus said, “Call him.”  His words are eternal.  Is He calling to us right now?

The man is brought to Jesus.  The Savior asks the not so simple question; “What do you want?”  The man answers beautifully, “I want to see!”

Is Jesus asking us what we want from Him?  What is our response?  What can we say?  Can we say the same words?  Can we ask our precious Lord for sight?  Would we like to see the urgency of the moment?  Would we like to see exactly how much we are in need of Him today?  Would the sight of His blessed face put our whole world into perspective?  Could we use this kind of vision right now?  Are there problems and worries that have clouded our ability to see what is important?  Do we want to fill our vision with our Savior Jesus Christ?

Dear Lord, darkness is pressing in all around.  Through our blindness we hear of Your nearness.  Something wells up inside and we feel the need to shout out to You.  Hear our cries!  Have mercy upon us!  Call for us to be brought to You, please!  We may not see now just how, but You can heal us.  You can restore us.  Help us to have our response clear when we hear Your question.  Prepare us for when You ask what we want You to do.  Let us ask for sight.  Let us ask to see clearly.  We want to see our need for You!  We want to see just how lovely You really are!  We want to see how close we can be to You!  We want to see how filling it is to rest our sight on You alone!  We want to see how amazing it is to be in Your presence today!  We ask TO SEE YOU!


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