As Jesus Said

Saying to them, “Go to the village ahead of you, and just as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden.  Untie it and bring it here.´ Mark 11:2 (NIV)

They were headed towards Jerusalem.  Jesus sends His Disciples into the village ahead of them.  He tells them they will find a colt tied up.  He says He wants them to untie it and bring it to Him.  He tells them what to say when someone asks them what they are doing untying another person´s property.  The Disciples do as they are asked and find everything just as their Lord had said.

How does Jesus do it?  He knew exactly what the situation would be before it ever happened.  Could He see into the future?  Was this foresight given to Him by His Father in Heaven?  How can it be that events that have not yet come are seen with such clarity?  How can Jesus know for certain what things will be like before they ever come to pass?  Did He perform this kind of miraculous future-telling on other occasions?  Did those things come to pass?  What things did He say is still to come for us?

When we read of Jesus we may forget that much of what He taught was given in this way.  Jesus would tell people what was coming so that it gave credibility when they saw it came to pass.  His Disciples learned to count on those words of herald.  Although the greatest truth they did not fully understand until they had seen it fulfilled.  When Jesus returned from the grave and showed Himself to them, do we think their education was finally nearing completion?

Where does this bring us?  What have we learned of Jesus?  Should we find things as He says they will be?  Is He asking us to perform some small task of faith in Him?  Jesus instructed much about the days before His next coming.  He tells us what the times will be like.  He tells us what to expect.  He describes situations, events and even attitudes.  Are we seeing those words proving true?  What are we doing with our fore-knowledge?  Are we carrying out our Savior´s wishes?  What are those things that He asks of us?

Should we sit back and watch Jesus´ words play out?  Should we take a skeptical approach and doubt that what He said will ever happen?  Should we push off the urgency of our Savior´s instructions for us?  Should we let others go do the Lord´s bidding while we sit comfortably back in our own routines?  Or should we renew our own personal efforts to dig into His words?  Shall we look at His instructions with an eye to make those words pertinent to us today?  Could we read again those familiar warnings and encouragement, trying to find His wish for our involvement?  Shall we search for Him and His instruction with our whole heart?  What colt should we be untying now?  What can we bring to Him today?

Dear Jesus, we find it amazing that you could tell of things that will come to pass.  It takes a great step of faith to carry out Your wishes for us. Teach us to count on things being as You have said.  Strengthen our faith in You.  Help us realize that You knew we would find things as they are today.  Show us what You would have us do.  Then give us the strength of faith to do what You ask of us.  Even if we cannot see how someone will let us untie this colt that does not belong to us, may we do Your bidding.  Show us how miraculous and marvelous things we will see as we step out in faith on what You have said.  Tell us again what we will find in these last days.  Show us what You would have us do and where our hearts should be. Then give us the faith and carry out Your wishes for us today!


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