Blessed Is He!

Those who went ahead and those who followed shouted, “Hosanna!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”  Mark 11:9 (NIV)

Jesus was sitting on the colt that had never been ridden.  They made their way into Jerusalem.  The ambient was so electric.  People were all excited.  Shouts and songs of praise went up to the Lord.  They crowds who went before and those who trailed along behind the Savior sang out their praises.  They shouted their blessings for the One who came in the name of the Lord!  What a marvelous sight!  What an incredible event! Does it make us wish we could have seen it?  Do we read or hear of it and wish that we could have been there?  Would we like to have joined our voices and praise to Jesus?  Do we hold any of those feelings today?

Perhaps not all those people who got all excited that day realized what all the commotion was about.  Maybe there were those in the crowd that just got carried away with the celebration.  Maybe they did not stop to consider what it meant for them that this Man had come in the name of the Lord.  Maybe some had not even come to Him to see what He was like.  Maybe there were those who did not even take the time to hear what He had to say.    Maybe some were too busy living their own lives to take the time.  Perhaps some failed to make Him important enough.

But there were those who had taken the time.  There were some who had come to Jesus to see what He was all about.  These were probably the ones leading the crowd into jubilee.  They were surely the ones who could not contain themselves and had to sing out His praises.  These were not the ones who routinely followed their well-defined methods of worship and godly living practices.  These were the ones who made room for Jesus in their hearts and lives.  These were the ones who recognized that there was One who had come in the name of the Lord.  For them, God had personally sent them a blessing.  They loved it!  They got excited!  Shouldn´t we be getting excited too?

There is a profound truth here.  God in Heaven has sent His Son!  Jesus came in the name of the Lord!  It is a pretty big deal!  It is worth getting worked up about!  It is worth shouting!  It is worth songs of praise!  There are seas of blessings that come to us in this One Blessing!  There is mighty power that comes with Him!  There is unfathomable love!

So what about us?  Where are we with all this commotion?  Are we leading the crowd?  Are we a little further back in the crowd letting them carry us along?  Have we heard the bustle and curiously come to see what the fuss is about?  Or are we concerning ourselves with personal matters first?  Do we have some pressing issues that are more important to us at the moment?  Have we taken the time to come close to Him?  Have we sat down with Him today to hear if He has something important to teach us right now?  Have we let Him into our hearts deep enough to be effected?

Dear Jesus, thank you for coming.  Thank you for your sacrifice.  Thank you for your teachings.  Thank you for the blessings you bring.  Surely we too are blessed because You come in the name of the Lord.  Let the weight of it sink deep within us.  Let the realization of You stir us up today.  Let Your presence thrill our hearts!  May our excitement and joy overflow!  May we jump up with the crowd and sing praises to Your name!  May we share with all those around what a wonderful experience it is to have the blessing come to us!  May the sensation of coming to YOU overwhelm us today!  May our voices rise to praise You saying; “BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!”


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