Will See HIM Coming!

“At that time men will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.  And he will send his angels and gather his elect from the four winds, from the ends of the earth to the ends of the heavens.’  Mark 13:26-27 (NIV)

There it is!  He said it!  Jesus proclaims the one great moment for which we look forward to!  He says He is coming in glory to gather His people.  He says that we will finally actually see Him!  He says that we will see Him in the clouds.  He says that we will be overwhelmed by the sight of His power and glory.  He says that He will send His angels to gather those who are His.

Are we speaking of Jesus´ return?  What are our beliefs about that day?  What are our beliefs about those times?  If we are from this religion or that, quite certainly they have taught us what they think.  But what do we really think?  What does the Spirit whisper to us in those sweet quiet times when we are alone with Him? 

We could focus on the externals.  We could look at the signs.  We could listen to our Lord´s description of things and events.  Or could we dive a little deeper?  Could we go past the physical and what we are familiar with seeing?  Could we attempt to let the Lord lead us up and into the lofty world of the Spirit?  Could we go beyond what if familiar to us and let our Savior guide our souls into the Presence of the Divine?

Even our usual thoughts and focal points on those events are enough to make our hearts begin to race.  Do we feel a sense of urgency?  Do we get excited?  It is easy to get worked up when we dig into the thoughts of such galactic changes and happenings.  But when we consider the parts we cannot see, will we reach a point where the soul comes up short?  Do we wonder if, when that moment actually does come, there will be room within us to contain it?  Do we consider if the size of that moment will be more than we can take?  How will we ever be able to take it all in?  How will our minds be able to assimilate all that we will witness or experience?  How we fit an infinite God into our tiny hearts and souls?

Could the impact of that great future moment be in that Jesus is finally brought back to us?  Will it be a reunion of souls?  Will the significance lie in the magnificent clouds or the angels flying around in grand displays of wonder?  Or will the single most important part be that JESUS IS HERE AGAIN?  Will the weight of that moment be that HE WILL FINALLY BE WITH US?  Will the glory and power be because WE WILL ACTUALLY BE IN HIS PRESENCE?

Where should our delight be?  Should we look forward to a moment in time?  Shall we get anxious about all the wonders which will bombard our senses?  Or are we willing to let our hearts be led into the company of the Divine?  Could we allow our souls to leap at the thought of entering where man cannot stand?  Can we imagine what our heart will do when it finally receives Him?  Is He what we have been yearning for so hard and for so long?

Dear Jesus, we can feel our pulse race at the thought of Your return.  Every detail You have given to try to prepare us makes us squirm in anticipation.  Yet please have mercy on our souls.  We have yearned to be with You so much.  We falter at any attempt we have made to fit Your love within our frail hearts.  Please give us a new heart.  One that will be able to receive all of You.  One that will be prepared to take in all that it will feel when finally the boundaries that separate Your world and ours are removed.  Prepare our souls to receive You on that great day we pray!


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