Stay Awake!

“Therefore keep watch because you do not know when the owner of the house will come back—whether in the evening, or at midnight, or when the rooster crows, or at dawn.’  Mark 13:35 (NIV)

Much study and effort is placed upon the signs of the end.  Do we just love to look into that mystery?  Do we enjoy discussing it with others?  Hasn´t it been the cry of revival for quite some time now?  Is much of our ministry to unbelievers centered on what we know of the condition of the world in relation to what was prophesied?  It can give us a sense of urgency to approach God.  It can make even extremely worldly people consider their need for God.  It is a priceless tool to bring our hearts to look for their Savior and Creator.

But does Jesus tell us exactly when this future event will take place?  Or does He tell us that the day and the hour are known only to the Father?  If Jesus says that even the Son does not have that knowledge to give us, why are we so concerned about searching for it?  Do we really need to figure it out?  Will more study or more light on the subject help us?  Or should we let the knowledge of it and the urgency work towards more beneficial ends?  Would knowing the day and the hour save us in the end?  Or should we be working, studying and searching to make ourselves ready regardless of when it takes place?  Should we rather prepare now and stay prepared than waste precious time looking at our own world for signs?

Jesus uses an owner of a house as our example.  The Master leaves each of us in charge of our duties.  He leaves us in the house.  He lets us know He will be returning.  He tells us to make sure we are ready.  Jesus tells us to stay alert.  He makes no effort to say what time He will return, just that we should be prepared.

What are we doing with this information?  Are we using it to make us feel good?  Are we encouraged in our own endeavors because we know that God´s Kingdom will soon come and make all our troubles go away?  Do we get all comfortable and puffed up thinking that we´ve got it all covered?  Is our future secure?

Our Savior says; “What I say to you, I say to everyone: `Watch!’” (Verse 37)

Are we “EVERYONE?”  Could our Lord have included us along with them?  Should we rather heed His warning?  Is there any area of our life, faith or love where we have started drowsing off?  Are we as charitable to those around us as we should be to call ourselves Christians?  Do we sense the suspense each moment of every day that the Owner of the House is returning any minute?  Or are we settling down in a comfortable routine?  Are we letting our eyes rest for a moment?  Has our urgency to see our Master somehow waned a little?  Have we made ourselves at home in this interesting and comfortable home?

Dear Jesus, You have asked us to remain alert.  It is so difficult considering the times.  It is late and You have been gone for some time.  Please help us to remember the urgency.  Let us search to see You.  Let us wait for You with deep yearning.  Help us not to let down our guard.  Help us to see what still needs to be prepared.  Help us to stay focused and awake so that Your return does not take us by surprise.  May You find Your servants ready and waiting for You as You have asked us to!  May our eyes never tire in searching to see You!  May You find us doing that whenever You finally do come!



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