One of Them

When the servant girl saw him there, she said again to those standing around, “This fellow is one of them.”  Mark 14:69 (NIV)

Peter has just had a moment with the world.  He is still in a very dangerous position.  He is right in the middle of a hostile crowd.  He is in the courtyard of those who are condemning Jesus to death.  He is doing everything he can think of to go unnoticed.  He is even resorting to denying his relationship to the Lord.  But is it enough?

Do people keep recognizing him?  As hard as he keeps trying, do people see through his farce?  Has he walked with the Lord long enough now that people can see that THIS is who he is?  Is it his clothes?  Is it the way he talks?  Or is it the way that he handles himself around other people?  Why do people keep noticing that he is different in some way?  Why do people keep making this connection between him and Jesus?

This may not be where the story leads us.  But does it make us think of ourselves?  A normal reaction to this story is to compare Peter´s actions to what we might have done.  But could we also consider whether or not people would have associated us to our Savior?  Would even a casual glance bring people to wonder over us?  Would anyone even give it a thought that we could be followers of Christ?  What DO they see in us?  Is it evident?  Is there any trace of where we say our heart is leaning?

Surely we would all love to think that our hearts are firmly grounded in their love for God.  It may please us greatly that we have declared to the world that Jesus is our Savior.  But has our hearts gone far enough in fanning that love into flames?  Is it easy to recognize when two people are in love with each other?  Can we notice in their actions and the looks they give each-other, that there is something special raging between them?  Is there something similar happening to us?  Are we giving off vibes of being in love?  Is that what people see when they see us?

There are many kinds of Christians.  There are many kinds of ministry.  Where do we stand in relation to God?  Where do we stand in relation to our fellow man?  Where do we fit into the society where we live?  Where are we within the body of believers?  There are many places that we could consider.  There are many types of people we could consider being.  But what is the MOST important of them all?  Is it whether or not we belong to a certain organization?  Is it whether or not we are looked up to in standing?  Or is it where our hearts are in relation to Jesus?  Is it whether or not a raging love is found burning within us?  Is the kind of love we have for Jesus, what distinguishes us most of all?  Are we that kind of person?  Are we one of them?

Dear Jesus, we want to love You!  We want people to see us and notice straight away that there is something different about us.  We want all those around to know without doubt that we are helplessly and forcefully in love with You!  We ask that You help us to fan into flames within each of us, that kind of love.  Please make our love for You be the driving force in our lives today.  Make it so strong that it is what distinguishes us as individuals.  Let all those around see and easily know that we are one of them.  Let it be obvious that we are one of those so in love with You that we would follow You everywhere! 


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