What Crime?

“Why? What crime has he committed?” asked Pilate. But they shouted all the louder, “Crucify him!”  Mark 15:14 (NIV)

What is it that evil has against good?  Why in the world is it impossible for dark purposes to just leave the lighter purposes alone?  How come the bad must always attack the good?  Can it not just focus upon its own evil practices and devious ways?  Why must it always go searching for and seeking to destroy all that does not go along with its foul play?

In the natural world darkness recedes in the presence of light.  Then, as light is removed, darkness creeps back.  But within the hearts of men, does it seem that darkness found there must always try to find some light and then hurt it in some way?  Even Pilot questioned the men bent on killing.  Was there was any reasoning in their devious plans?  Or did they just have those dark feelings welling up within them?  Did they just need to make a good Man suffer and exterminate Him from our presence?

Has it been this way throughout our entire history?  Cain and Able?  David and Saul?  So many times has this dilemma played out its terrible consequences upon the children of God who have chosen NOT to harbor evil within them?  Is it NOT a decent and worthy thing to try to be nice to those around us?  How can it be so bad to care?  Yet somehow, does evil always seem to find a way to hate all that is good?

Now would it be a perfect time to let ourselves rise up against the injustices of wayward men?  Could we incriminate those who choose darkness inside of them and cry about how they love to hate and to injury others?  Or could we pause and consider our own innocence?  Should we think we are completely free of shadows in our own hearts?  Have we never had moment where the light of Jesus did not shine so brightly there?  Have we all experienced darker or less well-intended thoughts toward another person?  Is it easier to throw a stone than to scrutinize our own intentions?  Do we prefer more comforting thoughts and choose not to talk about our more devious tendencies?  Would we prefer to hide even from ourselves those times when we forget to be charitable?

However it happened that day, the people got caught up in the moment.  They gave in to those dark impulses and the encouragement of devious men.  They shouted out to crucify Jesus.  But when we have our less favorable moments, what are we doing?  Is there something within us too which has given way to less charitable causes?  Does darkness creep into us sometimes to cloud out our vision of good?  Are we shouting too somewhere within to do away with the Light?  When we forget to be nice, are we sending Jesus off to His cross?  When we slip up and let evil sneak in and we think ill of another brother, have we become like the people that day?

Dear Jesus, forgive us for our part in Your crucifixion.  Forgive us for ever letting darkness creep into our hearts.  Forgive us for forgetting to be charitable to even the least of those around us.  Please come and make Your home within our hearts today.  We seek to be filled with Your Light.  Then, with You inside of us, You can move us to love and not to hate.  Your light can prevent any further darkness from creeping in.  In that Way please set us free to be filled with love and to follow You.  Let us seek goodness and righteousness and light always, in Your name,



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