When Sabbath is over

When the Sabbath was over, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome bought spices so that they might go to anoint Jesus’ body.  Mark 16:1 (NIV)

Jesus has paid His price.  He has made His sacrifice and let men put Him to death.  On earth the scene may look very bleak.  His Disciples have been forced into silence and hiding.  It is no longer a good thing to be proclaiming Jesus´ name too loudly.  It may even be hazardous.  All the hopes for Jesus to set up His reign somehow seem further than ever.  People don´t know which way to turn.  Where can we turn?  Our Hope, our Teacher, our Savior, seems to have been taken from amongst us far too soon.  Does even His promised Kingdom seem so far now?  Does it seem like His words will not hold true?  How can they?  Do we see only our loss and the sad state around us?

Is it amazing that the scriptures seem to be without time?  Can a situation which happens in one era, prove to be correlated with another time in a different era?  Can a teaching which was helpful to one generation, becomes just as healing to another generation in a completely different situation and time?  Is relevance a relative term?  Do spiritual instructions towards God seem to flow in quantum waves making all times come together to bow before God?  In our Lord, do men of all ages and all different situations meet up in the light of His wisdom and grace?  Can words given to a wandering nation in a desert become just as instructional to a nation over long centuries?  Do the songs and prayers of a psalmist serve to lift men´s eyes and worship to the Lord in his day and all those to come after?  Do the dreams and writings of prophets in one day fit perfectly to describe different times in history throughout the ages?  Can they continue to prove true each day and shine light upon tomorrow?  Do the words of our Savior Jesus Christ, continue to heal, bring hope and hearts closer to God even in our age.

The women who went to Jesus´ tomb could not fathom all that the Lord was working on that day.  But the Sabbath had passed.  Jesus´ prescribed time had come to completion.  He had told them it would be so.  Did He rest from His work even as He closed His eyes in death?  Or was He still carrying out His Father´s will?  Were His words proving true?  Are they still today?  Are the real followers of Christ the stronger voice in the street?  Are those whose hearts are truly set on following Him at any cost, kneeling together in prayer behind closed door?  Is it safe for them to share their faith in the full light of current philosophy?  Are we passing through another Sabbath?  Is this a time where Jesus has been taken from before our eyes?  Do we get the sensation sometimes that the world has managed to place our Savior in a tomb of disbelief?  Has Jesus been put to death within the hearts of the people of our times?

However bleak our day may seem, should we think the Lord is dead?  Should we rather keep present the words of encouragement He gave?  It may be Sabbath.  But are we nearing the following dawn?  Will daybreak bring for us a completely different reality?  Could we rest assured that our Lord´s promises are coming to completion?  Shall we take up our fragrant prayers and flowers of offering?  Shall we go early to seek out where our Savior lay?  Shall we mount up with courage and look into the tomb to see for ourselves.  Has Jesus risen for us?  Is there something mighty happening right now?  What great day is dawning upon us right now?

Dear Jesus, our day may be sad and we may feel so far from You.  Strengthen our faith in Your words.  Help us to see Your hand at work.  Help us to seek You!  Rise to life to us today!  Rise in wonder, power and glory within our hearts we pray! 



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