Looking For Jesus

“Don’t be alarmed,” he said. “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified.  He has risen! He is not here.  See the place where they laid him.  Mark 16:6 (NIV)

The women who went to treat Jesus´ body with fragrance found a big surprise.  Stumbling cautiously into the tomb where they expected to find Him, took a little courage.  Something drove those women forward.  What was it?  What is it that moves a person to seek Christ?  Is it a quality that we all possess?  Or is it a quality that in itself can be sought?  Does it stem from the individual or is it placed there by Another?  Does it grow from an awareness within us of an emptiness, a lack a need?  Or can it be attained through mental calculations, deductions and conclusions?  Does our need for this precious quality of seeking our Lord start when we become aware that we should be looking for Him?  At conversion?  Or has it been there flowing through our veins throughout the history of our race?

Is there good news for those who are looking for Jesus?  Are there some who are still doing that?  Who are they?  How are they going about their search?  What is it that they want to find?  Are they looking to join a social group?  Do they want to refine their habits?  Or is there simply a deep hole within them that steadily yet forcefully needs to be filled?  What is It that moves us?  Why do we come?  Have we stopped lately to consider?  Do we go over these sentiments often?  Do we go to Him for His approval?  Or do we give ourselves all the approval we need?

Is our need to find Jesus limited to just a few individuals?  Or is it felt by everyone who wears the body of a human being?  If only a few choose to recognize it, should the others want to seek it too? Have we found honesty and found that forceful yearning drawing us to Him?  Should those who haven’t recognized it yet, be led to the same conclusion?  Are all men willing to relinquish the right to decide where they choose to go to fill their void?

The women who entered the tomb that morning were startled to find a young man in white.  They came looking for Jesus and He recognized that in them.  He referred to them as looking for Jesus.  Would we too like to be referred to in such a way?  The messenger gave them the sweetest message of hope.  He said, “Jesus is not here!  Jesus is risen!”  As the ladies left that tomb, was something new burning within their hearts?  Had anything changed in their soul´s need to seek Jesus?  Or were they now infused with a host of new and exciting sensations?  To top off their love for Him and their hearts burning to find our Savior, did they now have hope, urgency and wonder?  Are these commendable qualities even for us today?  Could we too seek all the wonderful results which come from a genuine attempt to draw near to Jesus?

Dear Jesus, are there still left some who are searching for You?  Or are we all sulking behind closed doors morning our losses and mistaking the deep emptiness inside us all.  Please awaken us to our need to find You.  Let us rest not in our deliberate searching.  Let us burn for You and fan those flames to move us in all that we say and do.  Let this be what defines us!  Let it be clear to see that we are people who are looking for You!  This is our prayer today, to be seekers of You.  Be with us, assist us, and help us to find You each day as we insistently come.  Let our blessed findings, spur us forward to seek You more.  More love, more grace and whole lot more of wonder and awe!


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