Rebuke For Not Believing

Later Jesus appeared to the Eleven as they were eating; he rebuked them for their lack of faith and their stubborn refusal to believe those who had seen him after he had risen.  Mark 16:14 (NIV)

How many times had Jesus told them?  Had He already said all that was supposed to happen?  Had He said when He was to be killed?  Had He told them how long He would be dead?  Had He told them that He would rise?  Had He explained to them where to go to meet up with Him again once He had risen?   Up until this point were all of Jesus´ words proving to be true?  Should the Disciples have been more than prepared to look beyond what was happening in the world around them and stand on Jesus´ words alone?

What was the Disciples problem?  How could people who had spent so much time with our Savior, still doubt His words?  How could they focus on what they saw happening instead of stand out in faith in what Jesus said?  How come they could still choose to see the passing world?  Why couldn´t they make what Jesus says more important and just let the world adjust to what He promised.  Why was it so difficult for them to have even a little faith?  Is there something within the human character which leans towards disbelief?  Is there any of this same tendency in us?  Are we free from blame?  Or do we also fall many times to letting the world cloud our vision and distract us from our Lord?

Are we too used to seeing our familiar world?  Have we studies the ways of nature and of man too much?  Do we stand far too often on our understanding of how things work in this environment where we were born?  Should we hear our Lord talking of different Ways?  Do we hear His words about a Higher Law than the law of nature we are familiar?  What is our problem?  Why can´t we just believe Him?  When our Lord says things are supposed to be one way, why do we have such difficulty seeing that it will be that way?  Where is our faith?

How can we continue to mourn over the situations that we all face?  Has Jesus told us what we should expect?  Has He told us that we would find ourselves in these times?  Has He told us where to go to find Him?  Has He given us any reason to doubt Him?  Should we take a more constructive attitude?  Should we find faith and hope in the Word He has given us?  Should there be ample faith to face anything that may stand in our way?  Should we be making every effort to reunite with Him?  Could we be encouraging those around us as well?

When Jesus saw that His followers were not listening to the testimonies of those who have been visited by Him, He had only a reprimand for them.  He rebuked His Disciples for their lack of faith?  Could we stand to let some of that rebuke fall upon us today too?  Could we let His words sink in to the point where we do something about it?  If we felt the sting of His accusation of disbelief, could we too use it to move us into a correct reaction?  Could we realize right now just how we are not stepping out in faith?  Could we take our lesson and let the Lord show us how to stand upon our hope in Him?  Could we focus on being with Him instead of seeing and being so affected by what we see happening around us?  Could we take our eyes off the world and place them again upon Him?

Dear Jesus, let us open our ears today.  Our earthly eyes tend to focus on the scenes of the world before us.  You have told us to look beyond.  Please continue to teach us and help us understand when and where we fail to listen.  Help us to remain focused only on meeting up with You.  Give us the faith to stay focused on You in these trying times!


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