Unto Us

`Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.’   Luke 2:11 (NIV)

Here in Luke 2 we find words such as; “for all the people,’ `has been born to you,” and “a sign to you.”  The angel sent from the Lord to bring tidings of great joy uses these words.  He goes on to say, “You will find.”   Do these sound to us like God in Heaven is trying to contact His people?  Does it sound like His intentions towards us are good?  As the angel relays his happy news, he breaks out in praise to the Almighty God.

The angel´s praise and love for the Lord overwhelm him.   “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests!” he says in verse 14.  This time stating directly that God in Heaven is looking out favorably over His beloved children.  Should we be encouraged by this reaction from a messenger of God?  Does it warm us to think peace is called down upon us because God cares for us?  Does hearing this set a spark of hope within us all?  Should it endear us to the One Who loves us?  Could it draw beings of such different qualities and attributes together?  Could we find hope for entering a caring relationship with One who displays and conveys His good intentions towards us?

Are we to get the impression that God above sent His Son as a gift unto His people everywhere?  Should we take this as encouragement and good news today?  Would His message be to common folk like us?  As the angel of the Lord delivered his message to the lowly shepherds, an entire choir of angels joined him in songs of praise to God!  The darkness of the night was interrupted as they filled the earth with their praise!  What marvelous adoration can we see towards God at the sight of His kind gestures towards mankind?  Can we see the beings who know Him well, overflowing with love and praise to His very name?  Are we too stirred with reciprocating sentiments towards His show of love?  Because God makes us aware of His compassion towards us, do we sense our hearts wanting to return that warmth?

Those shepherds were sufficiently moved that night by all the wonders they saw and heard.  They got up and sought out this miracle birth of Jesus.  They wanted to see with their own eyes what the fuss was all about.  They found everything to be as they were told.  There was a Baby there.  He was wrapped as was described to them.  And He was lying in a humble manger as the angel had said.  When those shepherds left that place do we think they went away with their souls on fire?  Was there a sense of wonder burning deep within them?  Should we think they went away praising the Unseen God for all He had shown them that night?

Dear Father in Heaven, we hear heralds of good news to us too.  Although the night sky is not shattered in the same way today, is there a message that You have for us?  Is it filled with Your good will?  Would it draw such simple people like us unto You?  Could we be hearing a call to come and find out what Your Son is all about?  Should we think that Your love and Your Gift are sent to us as well?  Please part the darkness and help us see.  Show us Your love we pray.  Show us what You would have us know today.  We have come to look.   We have come to listen.  Reward our humble efforts and accept them as poor offerings from poor shepherd-like souls.  Please make up for whatever lacks in our sincerity so that we may receive that what You would have for us.  Show us Your Son, Jesus Christ so that we too may overflow with praise and love for You.


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