A Light For Us

`For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all people, a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel.”  Luke 2:30-32 (NIV)

As we walk through the story of Jesus, Luke takes us into the temple.  We find an elderly man who is described as being good and devout.  We are told that the Spirit of God was with him.  This Spirit had made known that Simeon would see the promised Savior before he died.  The Spirit moves this old man to go into the temple as Jesus´ parents are carrying out the rituals of dedicating the Baby to God.  Simeon takes the Baby Jesus in his arms and blesses Him.  He says that his own life on earth is now complete.  He had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this Savior from Heaven.  As he is praising the Lord for sending us a direct and wonderful expression of love, the Spirit gives him the words to use.  He says that here in this Baby, is a light for us and glory to the people of God.

Can we let those words sink into our souls?  What would God in Heaven have us know?  Why would He move people to say such things?  What is going on up there in the thoughts and compassion of our Creator?  Would He let us get the impression that He is not concerned with us?  Can we see that He is deliberately planning and carefully working out His plan to restore us to Him?  Is He acting out of love?  Is He gently and continually spreading His protective wings over us?  Is He pouring His love and care over us at all times?  Even when we cannot see what He is up to, is He working for our ultimate good?  Is He bringing us home to Him?

After Simeon comes another woman Anna.  She is a prophetess.  She is old now and has been a widow for a long time.  She never leaves the sanctuary.  She prays and fasts all the time.  She too begins to speak of the Baby Jesus.  She thanks God for His Gift to us.  Then she directs her words to people who are looking for sign of redemption from God.

Once again do we have an opportunity to wonder after the size of God´s love?  Should we marvel at His expressions of grace towards us?  Can the thought of His Spirit moving powerfully in people like us spark a fire of interest within us too?  Could we let our hearts fan that spark into a flame?  Could something burn within us to know this Wonder which was sent unto us?  If God above is moving in our lives, would we like to feel the warmth of that gesture?  Should we allow His Spirit to tell us too of the wonderful things He is working out for us?  Is our Father in Heaven sending us His Son today?  Would He have us come to know Him personally?  Should we let the weight of His movements sink into our hearts?  Could we look upon Jesus today with testimony from God as a reliable reason to turn to Him as our Savior?  Could we seize the opportunity and throw ourselves into seeking out an intense and satisfying relationship with Jesus right now?

Dear Father, we stop a moment to wonder.  People are moved to say things of Your Son Jesus.  Could we too be moved by what we hear?  Will You show us what He can mean for us?  Please impress upon our hearts just what it is You would have us know of this Savior from You.  Are You sending Him to us today?  Will we find in Him the help we need?  Will Jesus safely walk us through to Your side?  Shall we take His hand today?  Please move within our hearts.  Stir us into action.  Fill our hearts and our understandings so that we will choose the correct disposition.  Show us Your Son Jesus Christ.   Show us what He can do for us today.


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