Son With His Father

“Why were you searching for me?” he asked. “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?”  But they did not understand what he was saying to them.’  Luke 2:49-50 (NIV)

Jesus was twelve.  He had traveled with His family to Jerusalem.  On His families return home they did not see Him all day.  They began to worry.  They started searching for Him amongst those travelling towards home together.  When they did not find Him, they went back to Jerusalem.  Can we imagine their worry and stress growing by the day?  Finally after three days of searching, they found Him.  (Why is it always three days?)  They rebuked Him for scaring them like that.  But what does Jesus say?  “What is all this consternation?’ ‘Why all the stress?’  ‘Didn´t you know where to find Me?’  ‘Didn´t you know I would be with my Father?”

Does this happen a lot to us?  Do we find ourselves searching in all the wrong places?  Do we constantly try to find Jesus in common places we ourselves might think to go?  Is this our problem?  Would we have a little more success in finding Jesus if we went to the Father first?  Where can we do that?  Is there a building where He is housed?  Would it be in front of a shrine or down on the corner where the church is?  Or will we need to get onto our knees?  Will we need to stop running frantically around in our frustrated search?  Should we approach our Father in Spirit?  Should we find a quiet place where we can be alone with God?  Could Jesus finally be found to us if we made it to the sanctuary of the Presence of the Almighty?  Is that the place where we usually search?

Jesus was only a boy, but did He already understand more of the mysteries of God than we normally do?  Could He see with more perfect light that His rightful place is by the Father´s side?  Does Jesus know better than anyone all the joy and fulfillment one can experience by being in the Presence of God?  Did Jesus demonstrate to us that this was His highest goal?  Should we think that we too could seek that same privilege?  Would this be a worthy prize to set our hearts upon?  Should we think that by turning honestly and fully to the Lord, we too would find our precious Savior?

What about today?  What would be a good pursuit for us?  Shall we plod along on our journey through life?  Or shall we let ourselves get concerned about where Jesus is?  Should we get a little anxious until we do find Him?  Where will we take our search?  Could we go to the places we think He might be?  Can we let this little story of Jesus´ childhood give us a clue where to look?  We can open our Bibles and search.  We can open our eye and our hearts to diligent seeking.  We can enter churches and church bodies.  But should we take heed of Jesus´ words?  In the end where is it that we will find Him?  Will we finally find in our hearts He is where He says He should be?  Will He be right there by His Father´s side?

Dear Father in Heaven, we find ourselves in a situation similar to the parents of Jesus.  Our hearts are searching for Him.  The more we learn of Him it seems the more we need to find Him.  We could turn in many different directions.  But this story of Jesus has brought our attention to You.  So we come.  We bow to our knees and open our hearts.  Please enable us.  Open our eyes so that we may see the things of the Spirit.  Open our souls to receive Him.  If we know that we will find Your Son here with You, and then prepare us to find Him here.  Be pleased dear God to show us Your Son Jesus Christ today.  Let us know that our stressful panic of a search may begin to change to blissful finding.  Encourage our hearts in the wonderful encounter we can find when we meet Jesus at Your side.


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