Jesus Is Baptized

When all the people were being baptized, Jesus was baptized too. And as he was praying, heaven was opened   Luke 3:21 (NIV)

Should it be interesting to note that Jesus was baptized when He was an adult?  There had been rituals to perform for Him as a baby, but was this ceremony saved on purpose for when He was old enough to be aware of what He was doing?  Was there more going on in the Spiritual Realm and within His soul that we can see in just an external expression?  Was this why the Scriptures describe a mysterious dove and a powerful voice coming from an unseen source?  Could what was happening on a deep intimate level in Jesus´ Spirit be why mighty expressions of Divine Presence were poured out of Heaven?

Are there many and varied forms of baptism throughout the religious community?  Do many of these expressions focus our attention on external motives?  If we decide to get baptized today, who are we doing it for?  The church?  Our relatives or friends?  Should it be because someone says that they need an outward public expression?  Should it be a requirement?  Or is true baptism something that goes on in much deeper levels?  Is the act that we submit ourselves to attached to something or Someone greater?  Are we performing a spiritual transaction between our soul and the Unseen Creator who formed us?  Do we focus on coming to terms with the execution of an external expression?  Or should we focus upon the internal and hopefully eternal transaction which is happening between our hearts and that of God?  If we are choosing to make baptism an actual bond to our Lord, is this something we should be consciously aware of?  Should we take care not to lower it or taint it by lesser motives?

Depending upon the fellowship we belong to, the ceremony of baptism may differ greatly.  However should we allow the accepted traditions or rituals take precedence over what is going on within our hearts?  Have we still got some say as to what we are living through with our Lord?  Do we also have a responsibility to God?  Should we place more importance upon what is going on between Him and us than on whatever the external expression is becoming?  Or do we just let ourselves be carried along with the crowd?  Is it easier not to think about such controversial issues?  Are we not completing the requirements by going through with an act?  Is the importance in the expression?  Why should we make it anything more than going through the motions?

When Jesus came up out of the water did He get His confirmation?  Should we think that His act of being baptized had been a cold and detached ritual?  Was His following the crowds into the water to be dipped under with a few words what please God in Heaven?  Are a booming voice and a Spirit-filled dove what comes to each person who carries out this tradition?  Or could there have been made a significant connection that day between God and Son?  Was there a powerful bond experienced within this transaction?  Did our Savior give more than just a little of His time in that moment?  Was there a deep and powerful expression of unity happening between Jesus and His Father?  Could this be why Spirit was given, doves came down, and God´s voice was heard?

Dear Father in Heaven, we stop to ponder what went on when the waters washed over our Savior Jesus Christ.  Please help us to understand what goes on when a soul turns so completely to You.  Give us today a baptism of heart.  Make our hearts ready to experience a washing of Spirit.  Could we turn to You in a way today that would please You too?  Could it touch us deep enough that You would be pleased to send us a sign of confirmation?  Please let us know if our offering of soul pleases You too.


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