Understanding The Spirit

and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”  Luke 3:22 (NIV)

As Jesus came up out of the water, something super-natural occurs.  It is described as a dove coming down out of heaven onto Him.  The Holy Spirit comes over Jesus.  A voice comes out of nowhere.  It states the Father´s love and approval for His humble faithfulness.  The transaction of soul which Jesus lived through in baptism seems to have pleased the Father in Heaven.  He is happy to pour out His Spirit over His Son.  What is going on?  How can we take such statements?  How big does our faith need to be to understand all that is going on in this little account?  Is it even possible to capture it all?

Could we admit that for us humans it is difficult for us to claim expertise in the realms of Spirit?  When we run into stories like the one of Jesus do we have to stop sometimes?  Is there so much of what is written about our Savior that we can only wonder about?  Would wonder be a feeble or pathetic reaction?  Or is it possible that wonder after God is a lofty and worthy reaction from us created beings?  Would it be a noble quality to say that we stop to wonder after His nature and His abilities?  When we consider God in His invisible realms, would it be right to admit our limitations?  Could we be honest and say that to completely understand or define a God without limits is an impossible feat for creatures that have so many limitations?  Would the simple fact that we do look away and wonder after our Lord, be one of the highest reactions we could possibly perform?  Does it honor God when we look to Him despite our inability to capture all that He Is or does?  Is this what being a Christian is all about?  Is this where we come to faith?  Is wonder a powerful tool which could unleash the Spirit of the Lord to wash over us too?

Would this be a perfect moment to consider some of the paradoxes a Christian may face in our lives?  Are there so many things that just can´t be but are?  How can we look away from ourselves to actually find that God is closer to us than our own skin?  How can a Christian turn away from the riches of the world and find that they are richer still by what they find in Jesus?  How can out-casts and beggars in this life be princes and heirs in a shining Kingdom which we cannot yet see?  Why would an All-intelligent and All-powerful God in Heaven send His Son to be born as a poor baby born in a stable where animals are kept?  How can a virgin ever have a baby?  How could a Devine Entity actually suffer death?  Why would He do that to save people who rejected Him and would harm Him?  Is there anything under the umbrella of Christianity that we can give a perfect explanation of or complete definition to?  Or is wonder an essential quality of one who would like to call themselves a Christian?

Dear Lord, so much of what we learn of You is too much for us.  How will we ever take it all in?  Please enable our hearts to begin to understand.  Then, if the journey is long or our education takes an eternity, we can have hope that a universe of discovery is opening up unto us.  We would long to wonder after You today.  Thrill us!  Amaze us!  Leave us completely blown away by what we find in You!  Let a lifetime of paradoxes begin for us.  Let what could not possibly be, turn into our life-sustaining force.  Be our God!  Fill us!  Teach us! And enable our hearts today we pray!


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