Jesus Is Willing

Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing,” he said. “Be clean!” And immediately the leprosy left him.  Luke 5:13 (NIV)

Jesus is moving around teaching and healing people.  Then one day a man with a terrible disease comes to Him.  This ailment that the man has is terminal.  It is wasting away the man´s life.  It is removing him from all those who love him.  There is no cure.  It is a slow and painful death.  Surely the man has his doubts.  But does he try to swallow them?  Does he put every thought and shadow behind him so that he can approach Jesus?  Does he set his hope upon the only hope he can find?  Would Jesus be that definitive chance?  The man come before the Savior and lays everything before the Lord.  He says, “If you are willing, You can make me clean.”  He knows painfully well that health is out of his own hands.  But could He see that true health lies in the capable hands of God?  Did this man learn a secret that may be available for us too?  If the Lord is God over health, would He be willing to touch us with His healing as well?

Then comes Jesus´ sweet response; “I am willing!”  Is that what the man needed to hear?  Is it what we need to hear too?  Would this be one of the greatest statements which could ever fall upon our ears?  Jesus, the very Son of God wants to heal us!  He is willing to take away our sickness and disease!  This slow death that we are painfully living out has a remedy!  Is this incredibly great news?  Can our suffering hearts now find some hope?  Can we see a light?  Would we be able to approach Him too?  Could we find relief from all life´s headaches and pain?  Is Jesus really ready and willing to look at our case?  Is He reassuring us now?

Immediately following the awareness of our Savior´s disposition to heal, can we hear the next and greater joy to come?  After demonstrating Jesus´ concern towards the children of God, He says the wonderful words, “Be Clean!”  The man in the story was relieved to hear that Jesus says “Yes,” to helping us.  But more relief is heaped upon him as he hears the words that wash away the sickness and disease.  At the voice of Jesus the leprosy leaves the man!  His suffering leaves him!  He is free to live again!

Although it may rarely be presented in this Way, is this why Jesus came to us in the first place?  Was our Savior sent to restore us again to an eternally healthy relationship with God the Father?  Were these words we needed to hear?  Was there a sickness we needed to get over?  Was there a malignant disease that had separated us from our Father?  Was it eating away at our eternal health?  Was our propensity to turn to ourselves and look away from God spreading to every part of our lives?  Did it bring us suffering without end?  Could this be what Jesus was here to do?  Did He come to ease our pain?  Did He come to treat our condition?  Did He want to help us return our lives to a healthy and vibrant state?  Did He want us to live and love again as was intended for us by our Creator and our Father?  Was He willing to do this for us?  How far was He willing to go?  Did He sufficiently demonstrate His willingness to us?

Dear Jesus, we today have our problems too.  Perhaps our disease is one we are not completely aware of.  But we have heard that in You there is healing.  We come to You because You would be the only One Who could heal us from the separation we suffer from God.  If You are willing, You can heal us too.  You have demonstrated to us and told us that You are willing.  So show us how to step out in faith.  Show us how to come to You for that healing that You can give today.



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