Jesus Can Forgive?

But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins….” He said to the paralyzed man, “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.”  Luke 5:24 (NIV)

Jesus is in a crowded house.  People have come from all around to see Him and hear Him.  Many of the religious leaders and scholars of the Scriptures are here too.  Suddenly the roof tiles are separated and a paralyzed man is lowered into the crowd in front of Jesus.  What a scene!  Everyone is watching!  What will Jesus do?  Can He heal this man?  Can He actually heal anyone?  Can this Man we call Christ really restore to health again?  Can He wipe away suffering?  Does He have that kind of power?  Does He have that kind of authority?

As we watch, we see Jesus have compassion on the suffering man hanging above the crowd.  We can see that He is moved by this show of faith.  So He heals the man.  But wait!  He doesn´t just say, “Be healed!”  He says; “Your sins are forgiven!”  Hold on!  Can He do that?  How can He make such a bold statement?  Would that be something only God could do?  Who is this Man standing amongst us?  Is He really saying that He can do it?  What does this mean?  What can it mean?  Is He running the risk of angering God in Heaven by blasphemy?  Should God be upset because Someone is impersonating Him or trying to act like that right is theirs?  Should we get upset too?

Or is it possible that Someone greater has sent Jesus to us?  Would He only be brave enough to claim this authority because He knows for sure that it was conceded unto Him?  Is there a chance that this is why He is even talking to us in the first place?  Is His mission in life only to bring attention to Himself?  Or could He be here to draw attention to One even greater than He?  Is He moving amongst us, working, teaching and healing to bring glory to God in Heaven?  Has He come on a divine commission to bring us closer to the Lord?  Is what He saying and doing proof of where His intentions lie?  Is He willing to put His own neck on the line to carry out this work of restoring us to God?

So we watch.  We listen.  Can we hear what He says about it?  “Your sins are forgiven!“  He says.  “Why are all you people asking these questions in your hearts?”  He lets us know He can read what is going on inside of us.  “I am telling you this, because I know what I am talking about.  It is why I am here.”  He says. “My work is to let You know that God cares enough about you to send Me!  He gives His Son authority because this work is to bring you all to Him!”

What can we say to that?  Can we get upset about someone trying to steal authority from the Creator?  Or should we melt our cold hearts and embrace One who is giving His all to save our lives?  Should we cast off our doubts and dark thoughts and open ourselves to the strange words of this Teacher?  Can we witness as He heals yet another soul?  Would we see Him restore us unto health too?  Is He having compassion on us today?  Will He still say the Word and wipe away the disease we have that keeps us from our Father in Heaven?

Dear Jesus, there is so much to consider.  So many opinions are pulling us this way and that.  Open our eyes and ears we pray.  Open our hearts to realize what mission You are on in our lives.  If it is possible let us hear Your words too.  Let us know You have been sent.  Let us know You have found compassion in Your heart for us.  Then heal us too.  If You have the authority to restore us to God, then let that healing come to us we pray.  Help us believe in You.



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