Why Come To Jesus?

who had come to hear him and to be healed of their diseases. Those troubled by evil spirits were cured, and the people all tried to touch him, because power was coming from him and healing them all.  Luke 6:18-19 (NIV)

Here He is.  People are coming from all around.  They seek out Jesus.  They come to see and to hear Him.  They come to Him to be relieved of all kinds of troubles and be healed.  But why?  What is it about Jesus?  Why all the fuss?  Does the world tell us that we only need to be good people?  Will it be time that heals our wounds?  We´ve got shrinks for our troubled hearts.  We have all kinds of medication and drugs to keep us dull to the pain.  We hold all the cards, don´t we?  We are in charge of our destiny.  We are the ones responsible for our outcome, right?  Why would we go to another?  Why would we let go of our grip on the situation?  Why would we admit that we don´t have it all together?  Why go to Jesus?

Perhaps we could look at the story of Jesus.  Do the Words we read give us the impression that people come to Him for only a little relief?  Or do they come to be healed?  Do they come to be cured?  Is there power coming from Him that makes us whole?  Is this what the fuss is all about?  Does it sound temporary, this healing He provides?  Or is it described as eternal?  Is this a positive thought?  Who wouldn´t want to have what troubles them wiped away?  Who wants to continue suffering when we have heard of a cure?  Should we place limits upon the Healer and say He can only touch a certain disease?  Or could even our troubled spirits find their cure?  Would our diseases vanish too?  Could we get close enough to be touched by Him?  Would the pain and suffering of our entire race be taken into His care and healed completely if we just came seeking Him?

Like every other consideration of the Spirit, should we bring it home to ourselves?  Can we let down our guard?  Should we open our hearts before the Lord to have our own souls examined?  Are we like patient who have to stop what we are doing?  Would we need to make an appointment in our busy schedules?  Should we humble ourselves to allow Him to examine us?  Will we need to remove our concealing bandages which cover our infected sores?  Would He have compassion on us?  Would He be moved by our approach and our faith in His power to heal?  Will He see our infirmities?  Is there power there with Him to save us?  Can we too be healed?  Do we even want to be healed?  Or are we hiding our widespread worldly infection even from ourselves?  Have we become so infected with the cares of this world and getting whatever we can from this disease, that we do not see our need for a cure?  Do we prefer to hang out here in the wards of this earthly hospital?  Or can we see that our true Family is waiting for us at Home.  With the touch and healing of Jesus could we be free to return to our Father´s loving embrace?

Dear Jesus, we have heard that there is power flowing from You to heal.  We may not even be able to speculate just how deep our cancer is.  But will we be able to get close enough to You to find out how You can heal us?  Can we make an appointment with You right now?  Can we come?  Will You look upon us with compassion?  Will You touch us with Your healing hand?  Whatever ails us, please send us relief.  Wipe away our transgression, our selfishness and any other disease that keeps us from returning home to our Father.  Show us Your love and concern.  Show us that the healing You provide will restore us to a health that will last forever.



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