Blessed Are

Looking at his disciples, he said: “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.  Luke 6:20 (NIV)

Jesus starts on one of His most famous lessons.  He looks at His followers and starts to call down all kinds of blessing upon them.  He tells them they are blessed because of certain conditions of qualities they possess.  Then He tells them of the kind of reward they will one day receive because of their state.  We could read of these states as we often do.  We try and make them talk about the physical state that the words describe.  But could we also look at them in the light of the Spirit?  Could we use them to weigh our closeness of heart to the Lord?

“Blessed you who are poor,” Jesus says.  Is it possible that Jesus can teach on more than one level?  Is He clearly stating that God cares for those who don´t have much money?  Could He at the same time be blessing those who find poverty in their souls?  Could He also be referring to people whose hearts have found they have little of the Lord in them?  Could these poor souls need more of God?  Is that a kind of poverty?  Could they be just the sort of people who will be blessed because the Kingdom is given to such as these?  Might Jesus be saying that a beautiful future awaits those who recognize their lack?  Might they be blessed because they will be the sort of people who will seek for more of Him?

“Blessed are you who hunger.”  Is Jesus saying He takes care of our basic needs?  Is He also saying that there are specially blessed ones who feel a burning sensation inside for more of God´s Spirit in them?

“Blessed are you who weep.”  Could our Savior be saying that He can comfort even the most oppressed and hurting souls?  Could He be saying at the same time that there are some precious in the sight of God because they refuse to be content merely with what they can get out of this life here on earth?  Is it possible that He is commending souls who would rather morn our current distance from the Father?  Is He saying that those kinds of tears will be wiped away?  Will they be blessed by replacing their sorrow for a joy unimaginable?

Is it possible that Jesus is called the “Word” because the meaning behind His speech can heal on so many different levels?  Can it be just as pertinent and beneficial to mankind anywhere, anytime and in a million different ways?  So when we read His teachings could we open our hearts to hear how He would have us take it?  How is He speaking to us now?  What would He have us learn that would benefit us right now?  What about all eternity to come?  Should we place limits to what He could whisper to us now?  Should we listen as if it were a secret given by an intimate friend?  Could it be vitally important to us today as if we had never heard it before?  If Jesus was speaking on deeper levels, would we like to be considered one of those who hunger after Him?  Would we like Him to know we realize our poverty of soul and seek Him to provide what we lack?  Do we want Jesus to know that we are not satisfied with only the rewards we can gleam for ourselves in this world?  Can we shed a tear over our condition so that we stand to be brought those blessings which Jesus says will follow?

Dear Jesus, many are well-off, satisfied, and happy with where they are in relation to You or this world.  But some of us are poor.  Some of us need more of You.  Some would cry out for You.  Some will hunger inside.  Some realize what we still lack.  Please open our hearts.  Open our understandings.  Then may the blessings follow.  Let our lack, our hunger and our sorrow work for us an eternal reward in You! 



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