A Good Foundation

But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete.”  Luke 6:49 (NIV)

Jesus pulls us in close and instructs us.  He says He will show us what it is like to hear His words and put them into practice.  He gives the illustration of a man building his house on a good solid foundation.  When the elements strike that house it holds fast.  Is He walking us through the baby steps of faith?  Is Christ trying to lead us upward in wisdom?  Would His words lift us up in troubled times?  Can they direct us when everything else seems to be against us?  Could we take His instruction and stand on it for a solid base?  Could we build our lives upon the insight He shares?  Despite the blasts and pounding this world throws at us, could we be strong and firm if we are grounded in Him?  Will His words hold us safe against being swept away by the world?

But our Savior goes on.  As He teaches, He warns us against the dangers.  Does He give us our options?  Does He lay out before us what may happen if we do not take His words to heart?  What does He say we are like when we don´t dig down into His meanings?  What reference does He give to those who care not whether they have gotten to the base?  Are we likened to a house without foundation?  Is He telling us the futility of confidence in even the strongest confidence we may build?  Without taking the care to get to the solid base of His words, would our structure be weak to attack?  Could our soul´s shelter be easily washed away by the current trends?  Would the wind and the waves of earthly thought shake our structure and threaten our destruction?  Could our collapse have eternal consequences?

Could we think that we will be strong by a structure of theory and profession of God?  Or could Jesus be encouraging us to actually hear Him and get into action?  Would He be leading us to dig down into those words ourselves?  Could we stay in shallow ground and accept what others would tell us?  Or do we need to get down to the foundation personally?  Should we actually see to the work individually with sweat and tears?  Would it take attention and effort to find the foundation He is setting for each one?  Should we make sure for ourselves that what we are building is sure, steady and strong?  Could He mean something as serious as this?  Would each of us really need to go that far?

It may be easy to say we are taking Jesus´ illustrations too far.  But if we did, would we be acting wisely?  Has just the whisper of His instruction perked up our ears?  Is our curiosity sparked?  Would we like to dig into what He is saying to us now?  Where would Jesus lead us with His teaching?  If we could get past the shallow surface would we find a solid base?  Could we begin to build up a structure which is founded on truths that Christ would impress upon our hearts?  Dare we go that far?  Can we afford to open ourselves that much?  Could we get down on our knees before His Word today?  Could we open our ears to what He may tell us there?  Or is our faith built up on shallower soil?

Dear Jesus, what would You have us know today?  Is there something You would whisper to us now?  Where are You leading us?  Have we built up our understandings on what others have pressured us into?  Or have we ourselves gone all the way down to Your true Foundation?  Are we hearing Your voice?  Is our faith being built up on what You say to us each day?  Will we weather the storm?  Draw us close.  Teach us.  Be our solid foundation we pray.



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