Size Of Faith

When Jesus heard this, he was amazed at him, and turning to the crowd following him, he said, “I tell you, I have not found such great faith even in Israel.”  Luke 7:9 (NIV)

A man accustomed to power comes to Jesus.  He is concerned for one of those who work for him.  He calls for Jesus to help.  He is held as an important and respectable person.  But as Jesus nears his house the man starts to feel unworthy.  He cannot ask Jesus to enter into his house.  He begs Jesus to merely give the word and healing will take place.  The Centurion knew how things work in chain-of-command.  Did he understand better than we do the importance and greatness of Jesus Christ?  Did he know that even a thought or a word from our Savior can heal over great distances?    Are the wishes of the conquering King carried out swiftly and efficiently whenever and wherever He wills?  Is this the essence and pricelessness of the Son of God?  Could this man have understood before us and more correctly the reality of Jesus´ importance to all creation?  Is this something we could learn too?

Jesus recoils in amazement.  He turns and exclaims His surprise to those of us who follow Him.  He tells us that He has not found faith like that here.  Is it a surprise that the desired healing took place?  Does it pain us that Jesus could remark to us about another´s faith before ours?  How are we going to take it?  Should we get upset?  Should we briefly marvel too at the size of faith this centurion had?  Or is there a secret place in our hearts that wants to be like him?  Is there some healing that we too might desire?  Is there anything we would bring to Jesus today?  How are we going to deal with it?  Are we going to puff ourselves up expecting personal gain?  Are we going to merely wish something good would happen?  Or will we truly let the greatness and importance of our Lord weigh against us?  Will we consider His true strength and authority?  Will it humble us in the process?  When His power and authority dawns on us will we also feel unworthy?  When we consider actually having the Son of God turn directly to us, will it frighten us too?  Will it scare us when we realize how great He truly is?  If we ask of His attention in a moment when we are so honestly aware of Who He Is, would we be stepping out in faith?  Would the size of our faith grow in relation to how great we believe Him to be?

Dear Jesus, there are many who follow along with the crowd.  Some of us follow You out of curiosity and some only because that is where others are pointing us.  But there are others who have realized more of You.  Could we too be one of those?  Is there a cloud in our hearts that is hiding Who You truly Are from us?  Could we have that barrier between us removed?  Could we come into a new realization of You today?  Whether this is the first day we consider You or one of thousands, could our awareness of You and Your Presence be opened a little more?  Will we witness miraculous things?  When the fog of our frail belief disappears, could we come into a new level of faith?  If we can get past what little we see and let our hearts soar into the limitlessness of Your power and worth, will our faith take on a whole new size?  Could we learn to believe in You as the Centurion of old?  Could we be humbled and undone at the very thought of having You with us?  Could our faith be increased to the point where one day You will remark of the size of it You found in us?  We hope so!  Increase our faith today we pray!


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