To Life Again

The dead man sat up and began to talk, and Jesus gave him back to his mother.  They were all filled with awe and praised God. “A great prophet has appeared among us,” they said. “God has come to help his people.”  Luke 7:15-16 (NIV)

Jesus is moving from town to town.  As He and His followers are entering a village the residents there are morning the loss of one of their young men.  Jesus´ heart goes out to the mother of the boy.  He would ease her loss.  So He goes up and puts His hand on the casket.  He tells the dead young man to get up.  What happens at the voice of Jesus?  Is life restored?  Jesus gives the boy back to his mother.  Those who witnessed His display of healing are frightened and awed.  They whisper of the wonder that is amongst us.  They venture to say that God has come to help His people.  Is this the Wonder that Is Jesus Christ?  Is He actually God´s hand reaching out in care to His children everywhere?

Would it be the natural conclusion to say that the Son of the Almighty God is a fountain of life?  If His mission on earth was to restore us to our Father, would it follow that it is life that He is bringing to us?  If He came to point us towards our home, would He be our guide and helper so that we can live again?  If He came to suffer the pain and shame of our separation from God, does that mean that we will live to smile and laugh once more?  If Jesus were to touch us today, would we then be able to throw ourselves into the arms of the One Who loves us too?  If we were to hear our Savior´s voice, could we awake from our slumber?  Have we been dead to the Lord?  Is Jesus´ call today just what we needed to break through the clouds of darkness which are holding us in our graves?  Could this be what truly living is?  Could real life be hearing and feeling our Savior by our side?  Would it be waking into conscious awareness of His Presence and closeness?  Does the resting spirit inside of us leap up at the sound of His voice?  Does our soul quicken to life as we sense His movement and His touch?

Have we been lying for too long dead towards the Spiritual Kingdom?  Has our current world swallowed up our lifeless souls?  Is this what sin really does?  Does looking away from God remove from us the power to live?  Is death a separation from the Holy One?  Has our relationship to God suffered loss?  Is He standing near to our casket?  Are His arms yearning to hold us once again?  Would He be waiting to see if we will respond to Jesus´ voice today?  Would His heart be filled with joy if Jesus could touch us and restore us to Him?

Dear Jesus, we are rotting away in our separation from the Lord.  Please let us hear Your call.  Please do not let this world cover over us forever.  Move in power near us today.  Touch us in some special way.  Restore us to life again.  Let us live to embrace our Father again.  Let us feel once again those arms of love that wrap around us and hold us close.  In the arms of God we will live again.  Thank You for coming to us.  Thank You for Your mercy and Your concern.  Show us now what it means to really live.  Restore us as only You can, we pray.



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