What We Have

Therefore consider carefully how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken from him.”  Luke (8:18) (NIV)

How do we read the Holy Scriptures?  How do we take the Bible?  When we hear the teachings of Jesus Christ, how should those words come across to us?  Do we read it like it was any other book?  Do the words mean only what they describe?  Or do we find weight and importance, intelligence and enlightenment on ever deeper levels as the Holy Spirit enables our awareness?

How many people throughout history have gone charging off and crusading through their world on some perceived higher mission?  How many human beings have committed all kinds of wars and crimes in the name of religion?  Should we think that God would stoop to such earthly levels as to encourage men to hate and hurt each other?  Or could the Lord have been trying all along to gather us all closer to Him?  Is it His intention as it has been throughout all these centuries that we become more like Him in Spirit and in nature?  How much of the love of God are we learning from our time spent considering Him?  Just what is it that we get from our approach of God?  Could it be evident in the way we move around in the environment where we live?  Is our candle burning on a shelf?  Do we think we are hiding anything from those around us?

Should we think that we can read Jesus´ words and hear His teachings, but all the while leave our hearts aloof and removed?  Would we think we can go on living our lives as we choose, holding this teaching at a safe distance while embracing another?  Can we bend the Bible to say the things we want to hear without letting it judge us within the center-most part of our hearts?  Can we keep our earthly motives and hold God at arm´s length?  Or will we need to open ourselves in the most intimate Way unto Him?  Will the words that are whispered to our souls cut through our stubborn materialistic mentality and lead us to a real Being?  Will we begin to sense and to know a Presence behind what we read?  Will we begin to realize that our obligation does not go first to ourselves, but to a very alive, very intelligent and very powerful Entity?  Will we realize the relationship with God is what should come first in every thought, intention and action?  Will we finally realize that He is here and it is because of this fact that anything and everything else follows?

Jesus says be careful of how we listen to Him.  In the same breath He says that even what people think have will be taken from them.  Is it time that we begin to put God personally back into our reality?  Should we keep ever-so-clear that He is here with us right now?  Should our every reaction begin to stem from this personal contact?  Will we learn to truly act as If He were standing right by our side?  Could we go about our lives as if He were visible and could see everything we do in each moment?  Would we handle ourselves in a different way?  Would making Him that real, bring us a closer and more genuine relationship and understanding of Him?

Dear Lord, You have said that to those of us who have a little, more will be given.  Please let that be true of our relationship and knowledge of You.  Whatever else men may make of our lives and our religion, please be here personally with us.  Do not let what little we have of You be taken away from us.  But give us more, we pray!



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